vegan cleaning products

Are you using vegan cleaning products?

Ecozone talk us through their vegan cleaning products range and explain why they are better for animals, people and the planet

Choosing a vegan lifestyle is a great way to limit your impact on the environment. While many stop at diet, Ecozone believe that veganism encapsulates everything you use, including the products you clean with.


Endorsed by The Vegan Society, Ecozone’s vegan cleaning, laundry, dishwashing and lifestyle products harness the power of plant-based ingredients as much as possible. Not only are these great alternatives to toxins and chemicals, but they’re also great swaps for ingredients that have been tested on animals or contain animal bi-products like tallow and beeswax.


A common myth is that chemical products have better results than plant-based alternatives, but this is not necessarily the case. It may seem too good to be true, but not only are vegan cleaning products more considerate to animal life and the planet, but they are also incredibly effective!


What are some plant-based ingredients Ecozone use?

Citric acid

Citric acid is popular because of its descaling properties and for being a natural preservative. It’s also a chelating agent, which are commonly used in cleaning to prevent soap scum forming from metal ions. You can try Ecozone’s Coffee Machine Cleaner and Kettle and Iron Descaler to keep your coffee machine and other appliances spotless, with the citric acid working to rid any lingering limescale and coffee-build up.




Surfactants are the most important ingredients in any cleaning or laundry products, because they work to emulsify dirt particles and remove them from the surface of whatever is being cleaned. Some examples of surfactants are cocamine oxide and alcohol ethoxylate, which help remove dirt and wash it away by suspending it in the water. You’ll find alcohol ethoxylate in Ecozone’s spray cleaners, like their Daily Shower Cleaner and Bathroom Cleaner Spray.

Zin Ricinoleate

Zinc Ricinoleate is a white powder from the Ricinus plant, which remains liquid at both high and low temperatures. We use this as a deodoriser, and it’s great at absorbing and neutralising bad smells. That’s why we use it in our Fabric Crease Releaser to resolve some of the lingering odours that can remain on our fabrics and home furnishings like curtains while also boasting a wonderful Fresh Linen Fragrance also.



You’ll also find it in our Pro-Active Sports Wash, because it’s great at eliminates the tougher smells that may be present.


Natural enzymes

We love the power of plant enzymes, which is why we use them in a variety of our products. They’re great at breaking down organic materials without the need for harsh chemicals. Amylase, for example, breaks down starch-based soil and dirt into simpler forms that can then be easily removed, while subtilisin is a proteolytic enzyme that helps to remove protein deposits and tough stains. Enzyme ingredients are also totally natural and biodegradable! Our Enzymatic Drain Cleaning Sticks, for example, are a long-term solution that work over time to break down anything that might get stuck in your plughole and cause blockages.

vegan cleaning products

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