Henry Hutchings has convinced his bosses to introduce a wider range of vegan options in the ASDA express diner where he works in North Hykeham, Lincoln.

The diner’s offerings were mostly meat-based with vegan options limited to onion rings, French fries, hash browns or the vegan staple — jacket potato and beans. Hutchings, a vegan since April 2016, wanted to offer more vegan options including soya milk and Quorn vegan nuggets in the ASDA diner.

Henry told Vegan Life: “I had seen on the news that the Quorn vegan nuggets were being sold exclusively to ASDA, so I suspected this could work.” He then proposed the idea to his manager who agreed to check with the ASDA head office.

Whilst his manager waited for a reply, Hutchings had a chance encounter with representatives of the ASDA head office and he told them about his idea to make the menu more vegan-friendly. Shortly after this, his manager agreed and the café launched the vegan nuggets earlier this week.

“I think that bumping into the ASDA head office was a sign, you just couldn’t make it up,” he said, “I’m a huge believer in energies and vibrations.”

The diner now sells Quorn vegan nuggets and soya milk as a result of Henry’s perseverance. He said: “It feels absolutely amazing to have made this move and it feels like I’ve managed to create a small step in the right direction for vegan fast food.

“Regarding customers and sales, only time will tell as this only began [on Wednesday] and word has only just gotten out, but I’ve suggested to my work that they have plenty of bags stocked up in the freezer!”

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