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The team from Veganuary answer your questions about veganism 

Is jewellery vegan?

Some is, some isn't! At the risk of stating the obvious, it depends
on what it is made from. Some items like leather, fur, silk, bones and
feathers are obviously not vegan and may find their way into some
jewellery designs, but there are other animal products to look out for, the most obvious, perhaps, being pearls.

In nature, pearls are formed when an irritant enters the shell of an
oyster, mussel or clam. The animals defend themselves by covering the intruding item in a fluid, which builds up over time and hardens, and this is what eventually becomes a pearl. Commercially, however, an irritant is implanted surgically inside the animal's shell. Some species can make only one pearl and are killed once the pearl is harvested. Others may die during the harvesting process.

Other non-vegan items to look out for in jewellery are corals, which
are invertebrate animals, not types of rock as many people think. And of course, we should avoid jewellery containing insects, either alive inside a pod or encased in resin.

Some jewellery-makers may use beeswax or animal fats in the
process, so if you're looking for a guaranteed vegan item, search online for vegan jewellery makers.

I'm looking for some vegan walking boots, but I can't find any that don't have suede or leather… What are some reputable brands?

There are plenty of vegan walking boots available, though those for sale on the high street are often not labelled as such. Some look alright, but then there is a suspicious-looking strap, and no one can tell you what it is. To be on the safe side, we'd recommend a few tried-and-tested ethical companies. Vegetarian Shoes ( has been making vegan footwear since 1990 and sells several kinds of vegan walking boots - from those that are suitable for day hikes to a country pub, to boots ready to tackle mountainous terrains. Visit their Brighton shop or check out their range online.

Will's Vegan Shoes ( has a very popular Waterproof Hiking Boot that gets rave reviews right across the board, and a smart-looking Cross Trail Boot, too.

Eco Vegan Shoes ( have an All Terrain Hiker which has served some of the Veganuary team well on their hikes. They are made in the Netherlands but ship internationally. Ethical Wares ( is another company that has been around a long time and offers a range of walking shoes and boots.

And, since walking boots can be a bit pricey, check out the Regatta website ( and search for 'vegan walking boots'. They often have a sale where you can pick up a bargain.

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Eco Vegan Shoes All Terrain Hiker Comfortable, water-resistant and with a sturdy, anti-slip sole, this is a pair of robust vegan walking boots for all kinds of landscapes. The toe and heel are protected by a layer of Keprotec®, so the shoes will hardly show any wear, even after thousands of miles.


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