ASOS Launches Vegan Teen Skincare Range

ASOS, the online shopping giant have added a vegan skincare range to their cosmetics ranges called 31st State. Originally aimed at teenage boys, a popular item in the range is The Overnight Clearing Pads, which is used by many women and teenage girls when the occasional break out may appear and the products are based on a high-end formulas.

The range is formulated using natural ingredients, which is effective compared to other products on the market that have synthetic ingredients. The company’s website confirms that they are suitable for vegans, with the products containing no animal derived ingredients. The products are made in the UK, so in line with EU law, the products are not tested on animals.

Other products in the range include a spot control gel, 2-in1 hair & body wash, foaming face wash and hair styling products.  Founder of the company Stephanie Capuano wanted to provide a product to help her two teenage boys’ skin, taking inspiration from the beaches, deserts and forests of California, “where life just seems a little less complicated, a clean and effortless existence. A sense of not trying too hard that seems to come natural to the guys who live there. We wanted to deliver that simplicity and possibility to guys everywhere,” said Stephanie.

She continues by saying: “Everyone struggles with bad skin or hair at some point so we created something that not only takes inspiration from nature but also use ingredients that really work. We want to help guys feels and look their best, so they can go out there and do their thing with one less element to worry about.”


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