The owners of an Adelaide pizza restaurant are facing serious backlash after hanging a stuffed, dead cow from their ceiling of their restaurant.

Etica say that their aim is to create thoughtful conversation but many are responding with disgust on social media.


On their Facebook, Etica said: “What does ‘ethical’ mean? It is a subjective term based on an individual’s morals.

“Etica was created to promote animal welfare. This means that we work hard to select produce sourced from farms with the highest welfare standards. We never compromise on this.

“Importantly, there is a distinction between animal welfare and animal rights. Those who believe in animal rights do not believe in exploiting any animal for any purpose whatsoever.

“Etica has an agenda of authenticity and transparency. We understand that there is no kind way to kill an animal. As an animal welfarist institution, we ensure that the animals (and their products) we purchase are raised with care.”


Understandably social media has exploded with criticism for the restaurants.

One comment reads: “What you are saying literally makes no sense. You admit that there is no kind way to kill an animal but that the same time you say the animals used for your food were raised with care. What part of killing is raising with care? If a person killed their child would you say they raised them with care?”


Mr Pisanelli responded to the complaints by saying: “The last 48 hours on social media doesn’t represent the overall feedback we’ve received.

“Many of the Facebook comments seem misinformed about why the cow is there. The installation is a means of highlighting the realities of the (dairy) industry.”


But the pizzas sold at the restaurant are not vegetarian or vegan… confused? We are.



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