Award-Winning vegan film M6NTHS premieres online

Award-winning short film, M6NTHS: Life through the Eyes of a Piglet, has premiered online following the success of the film at Panda Awards in 2018, also marking the start of the Chinese Year of the Pig.

The film was directed by Dutch filmmaker Eline Helena Schellekens, revealing the life of a piglet on a factory farm. The entire 12-minute short has been shot from the point of view of a pig, without voiceover to emphasise the lives of the pigs and acknowledge their feelings.

Animals in factory farms are seen merely as commodities and products, and this film aims to make the public think about this and how farm animals are treated.

Commenting on the film, Eline said: “As we enter Year of the Pig, could we resolve to get to know this intelligent animal better? M6NTHS shows life through the eyes of a piglet growing up on an industrial farm without ever experiencing the outside world.

“Our desires as ‘consumans’ to get a lot for a little are responsible for this life; would we make the same choices if we could look the piglet in the eye?”

Speaking to Vegan Life, Eline added: “I think it is really importance not to blackmail farmers or blame supermarkets and politicians. We should have a closer look at ourselves as consumers. The change will come from us.”

Change is happening – more consumers are opting for ethically sourced products, veganism is increasing year-on-year, and the problems of animal agriculture are becoming known by a wider audience.

The film will be available for two weeks on selected animal welfare organisations, including Compassion in World Farming’s (CiWF) website, in support of the End the Cage Age European Citizen Initiative.

Sean Gifford, head of campaigns at CiWF, said: “M6NTHS invites the viewer to think about how we rear and treat farm animals. As the film highlights, sows are often confined in cages across the continent, but they are not alone.

“Millions of other farm animals also spend much of their lives imprisoned in cages. Pigs, hens, rabbits, quail, ducks and geese all experience unimaginable suffering cages on farms throughout the EU. It’s time to stop this cruelty. It’s time to End the Cage Age.”

You can view the film here.


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