Badger anti-cull protest in Malvern

Last Friday, campaigners staged an anti-cull protest outside the Three Counties Show in Malvern.

The Three Counties Show is the Midland’s largest country show with just under one hundred thousand visitors per annum. The show focuses on agriculture and is the largest livestock and equine show in the UK.

The campaigners carried banners and distributed leaflets in an attempt to encourage people to go vegan as well as educate them about the cruelty of badger culling. Some of the protesters wore badger costumes whilst others carried placards.

Ronald Lee, Communications Officer for Worcestershire Vegan Action, whose members took part in the protest, said: “We were urging the government and the National Farmers Union to stop the culling of badgers, and educating people about a humane diet that does not involve the suffering and slaughter of animals.

“Thousands of badgers have already been shot in Gloucestershire, Herefordshire, and several other counties in the last four years, and now it is feared the cull will be extended to Worcestershire.

“It has been revealed that a large number of the badgers already shot did not die immediately and underwent considerable suffering.

“The government states the reason for the badger cull is to prevent the spread of TB in cattle, but there is a very large amount of evidence that it will not be effective in doing this and could well make the problem worse.

“There is also a wish to clear land of a protected species, to make it easier for developers to move in.”

Protests, like this, can be very effective in educating the public and initiating change. Earlier this month protesters in the Peak District successfully stopped a pub from selling foie gras after staging campaigns outside the restaurant. The article can be found here.


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