Bali dog trade banned

The island of Bali has banned the sale of dog meat in a move which will be seen as a victory for animal activists across the world. The Balinese government made the announcement after the efforts of animal rights organisation Animals Australia.

Last month, Animals Australia — a not-for-profit group — launched an investigation into the dog meat trade in Bali, only to find that the meat was being sold to unsuspecting tourists.

Animals Australia’s Chief Investigator, Lyn White, shared the joy of animal lovers everywhere, by saying: “This is a momentous decision by Governor Pastika that will not only spare many thousands of dogs from terrible suffering but will help to restore the positive relationship the Balinese people have enjoyed with their unique heritage dogs for centuries.”

The organisation forced the government into bringing in the decree after gathering a petition with over 170,000 signatures from international residents. Their findings from the investigation showed the terrible conditions suffered by the animals.

The fight continues to ensure that this type of legislation is rolled out to other countries, but also to ensure that other animals which are not seen as companion animals by the Western world, are also given the same protections.


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