The BBC is going to air a new documentary revealing the truth about animal agriculture in The Dark Side of Dairy. The episode will be part of BBC Scotland’s Disclosure series which documents “the issues affecting the lives of people around Scotland.”

Whilst we’re all aware of the horrors of the dairy industry, the BBC are bringing the truth to a wide audience via a mainstream platform. Although undercover footage has been shared across the internet and is easily accessible, there hasn’t been much aired on national television. Not only could this do wonders for the vegan cause, it could also become a win for animals as more people witness the reality of animal agriculture.

The programme information says: “Investigative journalist Samantha Poling takes a journey into the controversial world of live animal exports. She uncovers some shocking truths about what happens to the male calves the Scottish dairy industry has not use for. And she goes on the trail of a live cattle shipment across Europe to see for herself the long journeys they endure.”

You can view the trailer here and the full documentary will be available on iPlayer from 10th September.

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