Find love at a very vegan Valentine’s event

USA-based vegans, gear up! Kyle Luzynski from Project Animal Freedom is here to share the details of a unique event


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Valentine’s Day is almost here, bringing love and dating to the forefront of our minds.


Dating is always difficult, but dating as a vegan can be even more complicated.

Rather than deal with the headache, frustration, and heartache that so often accompanies dating a non-vegan, Project Animal Freedom has a unique solution for you: our first annual Midwest Vegan Speed Dating extravaganza!


This event will take place on Sunday, February 14th, from 7-9 p.m. CST. Here is the Zoom link for when we go live (make sure you have the latest version of Zoom!)


Just over 70 people have registered so far, and nearly half identify as LGBTQIA+. Take a gamble; you might just find the vegan love of your life!




Our team at Project Animal Freedom is also pleased to announce we are partnering with Karine Charbonneau, AKA Vegan Cupid, for this event.



Karine Charbonneau, AKA Vegan Cupid


Karine is a vegan matchmaker and dating coach who has been helping vegan singles find love for 10 years.


She works with committed veg singles who are ready to go ALL-in, fall in love with themselves, and get the relationship of their dreams — without the dating apps.


Karin does this by leveraging her network of 40,000+ singles from across North America and by teaching unconventional ways to create a true, lasting connection.


Watch her free Cupid Class, 5 Reasons Why Your Long-Term Relationship Hasn’t Happened, And What To Do Now. You should also join her free Veg Love Vault to maximize your chances of finding your long-awaited vegan sweetheart.


Together, we can make the world a less lonely place for vegans!



Words by Kyle Luzynski from Project Animal Freedom




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