Beans are Best

Beans are a bit of a vegan staple – they’re filling, versatile and surprisingly healthy. A new report highlights the benefits of eating beans more regularly and we have just the recipe to help you incorporate them into your diet.

Thrive Cuisine is a company dedicated to spreading scientific information about the healthfulness and disease preventing power of vegetables, fruits, mushrooms and overall plant-based eating. Last month, they published a report on the health benefits of the humble bean.

According to Joe Bruno, the co-owner and nutrition researcher for Thrive Cuisine, a bean is actually a seed which is formed in a pod and they come in a whole host of different varieties. Beans have surprisingly high amounts of protein and carbohydrates as well as being high in iron and magnesium.

Studies have found that beans have a positive effect on blood pressure, resting heart rate, lifespan and lowers your susceptibility to diabetes. Joe told us: “One of the things we attempted to do differently was go into greater detail about the actual peer-reviewed studies that have been done on beans in a way that doesn’t make someone’s eyes glaze over.”

Beans are not just great for human health, climate experts have said that swapping beef for beans can have a significant impact on the health of the planet. A team of scientists from four leading American universities found that by making this one simple dietary change, the US could achieve between 50-75% of their greenhouse gas emissions targets by 2020, making a ‘huge impact’ in the fight against climate change. On this side of the Atlantic there appears to be strong support for such a move towards plant-based eating. A DEFRA study revealed that 85% of people surveyed said they will change or will seriously consider changing their eating habits for the planet.

If you fancy cooking up a delicious bean-based dinner, Joe picked this pea spaghetti recipe as a good example of how to incorporate beans into your daily diet.


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