Ben & Jerry’s limited-edition vegan menu made permanent

Back in November 2018 for World Vegan Month, Ben & Jerry’s announced the exciting news that they would be launching an exclusive four-piece vegan menu at its Scoop Shop in Soho, London



This month, after the limited-edition menu’s huge success, and in honour of Veganuary, Ben & Jerry’s have announced that their vegan menu has now been made permanent.


After massive demand, the popular menu is back and crammed with the same cookies, brownies, and shakes full of chunks and swirls, but without the animal-products!



The returning Ben & Jerry’s Vegan menu features:

  • Cookie Sandwich – a chunky maple and chocolate chip vegan cookie, sandwiching your choice of Ben & Jerry’s Non-Dairy ice cream.
  • Very Vegan Shake – made with fudgy vegan brownies from London’s Luminary Bakery, finished with a splash of almond dairy alternative, a generous layer of vegan whipped cream and chocolate sauce.
  • Cookie Cookie Sundae – combining maple and chocolate chip vegan cookies with peanut butter and cookies ice cream, topped with generous dollops of vegan chocolate sauce and whipped cream.
  • Brownie Special Sundae – vegan chocolate and cherry brownie, non-dairy chocolate fudge brownie and Chunky Monkey ice cream, topped with vegan chocolate sauce and whipped cream.



All of the vegan baked goods used in the menu are provided by the charitable Luminary Bakery, where baking supports disadvantaged women in London.


If you missed out on Ben & Jerry’s delicious desserts at the Scoop Shop the first time round, there’s now no rush to go and sample them, however, you might find yourself struggling not to.



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