Best of Vegan Life Magazine 2019

Take a look at some of the best of vegan life magazine 2019 in this 250 page page-tuner issue, where we have selected some of the most popular content from the 2019 magazines. Veganism moved on dramatically during the year and as we look back to some momentous events, we have to ask the question: what will be the vegan trends of 2020?

During 2019 Greggs the bakers launched their vegan sausage roll and according to them was “The most hotly debated sausage roll since, well... the sausage roll” Followed closely by the Greggs Vegan Steak Bake, It certainly sent the popular press wild and with the likes of Piers Morgan jumping in to criticise the new pastries, publicity was high. Thanks Piers!

Launches of this nature by big corporations helped many people switch to plant based alternatives, preferring them to the “real thing”. So popular were they that even Greggs CEO Roger Whiteside went vegan himself. Congratulations Roger! What will be the next on the Greggs Vegan product list?

Other notable vegan friendly launches included Waitrose Vegan Isle, Tesco Wicked Kitchen Range created by plant based chef Derek Sarno, Marks and Spencer Plant Kitchen range

2020 started on a vegan high with a record number of people taking part in veganuray, (currently standing at 350,000 worldwide) With an ever increasing audience January is becoming the time to launch new vegan products bolstered by higher than normal publicity. Brands such as Heinz, changing its slogan to Beanz Means Vegan and KFC launching its vegan burger.

These launches make it easier than ever to become and stay vegan. Please do make sure however that you cook at home as much as possible, because while it’s convenient to have the products more widely available, nothing is as good as wholefood plant based diet. To that end we endorse Dr Michael Gregor’s book, How not to Die.

If you are one of the 350,000 that took part in Veganuary 2020, congratulations, you did it. We hope “the best of vegan life 2019” will help you to stay on the vegan path.  If you like more information and help, please remember to come along to Vegan Life Live.