By Rachel Elizabeth

Social media is starting to fill with people preparing for their Vegan January Challenge asking for advice on what to do with the last of their animal products and I am eagerly awaiting news of my mentee for the Leicester Vegan Challenge (part of the East Midlands Vegan Challenge).

My fingers are crossed that I actually get to help somebody this year as last year I never heard from the challengers I was assigned to mentor. Even if I don’t get to mentor officially, I’m really excited that one of my best friends and her boyfriend are signed up and no doubt I’ll continue to answer their questions.

So as I was reading the posts on social media and walking my dog I thought I’d write something to encourage and support the challengers.

  • I wish that you foremost enjoy the challenge.
  • I wish that you think with every mouthful or purchase why you have chosen to take this challenge – either for the animals, for your health or both.
  • I wish that you find fabulous cake that makes your mouth water.
  • I wish that you find support and encouragement from vegans and non vegans around you.
  • I wish, that if you don’t, you find a great one liner that makes you feel strong again.
  • I wish that you don’t let doubters make you doubt yourself.
  • I wish that you find the joy of cooking without animal products.
  • I wish that you sparkle in those stunning new shoes that aren’t made of animal skin.
  • I wish that you put on those vegan gains if that is what you wish.
  • I wish that you find strength in plant power.
  • I wish that you too are amazed by the diversity of the vegan community.
  • I wish that you can eat a ‘gary’ (vegan cheese) that puts a smile on your face.
  • I wish that you make your way to vegan fairs across the country just for fun.
  • I wish that you don’t beat yourself up when you make a mistake – we all did and still do at times.
  • I wish most of all that when February comes you don’t want to go back – for you, your health and for the animals.
  • And finally I wish that the animals could thank you themselves but they can’t so I’ll do it instead. Thank you.



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