Bravura Foods co-founder to walk on fire for animals

The activist with a fire in her belly – and beneath her feet




Vegan spokesperson and co-founder of Bravura Foods, Lisa Gawthorne, has always been passionate and public about spreading the vegan word and protecting animals.


Now, Lisa has taken her activism to the next level, by agreeing to complete a fire walk across hot burning coals in Crosby, Lancashire, on Sunday 19th May to raise money for Freshfields Animal Rescue.


The sponsored fire walk will be a first for Lisa, and shows the extent that she will go to in order to raise awareness of the plight of animals.


Lisa says: “It frightens me something silly, but I am willing to do whatever it takes in order to make people stop and think, and to protect the innocent animals, but above all raise money for one of the most amazing charities – Freshfields Animal Rescue.”


Lisa continues: “Freshfields is such a wonderful set up, it’s only a few miles from where I live and I have been fortunate enough to visit the site and meet the amazing staff and animals, allowing me to witness what they do first hand. I am very much motivated to help such an amazing sanctuary that operates the policy of never putting a healthy animal down. They have such a non-discriminating approach to taking any type of injured, sick, abandoned or rescued animals.”




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