Breakfast extravaganza

Wake up the right way with these goodies

Whether you enjoy a classic bowl of porridge, indulgent pancakes, simple cereal or
something a little bit different, our assortment of tasty vegan foods will have just the thing
to get your morning off to a fantastic start.

The Real Foodists

Yo'ridge Breakfast Pots

Introducing Yo'ridge Breakfast Pots: the plant-based love child of yoghurt and porridge! Each little pot contains a delicious blend of oats, lentils, sesame and coconut combined with a touch of pure maple syrup and an abundance of fruit. Yo'ridge is available in three tasty and nutritious variants: Banana, Maple and Cocoa Nibs, Apple, Cranberry and Cinnamon, and Blueberries, Raspberries and Blackcurrants.
£1.99, therealfoodists.com


Tigernut Flour

Want to take your pancakes up a notch, or give your breakfast biscuits a boost? Try swapping in Strp'd flour - made from deliciously sweet tigernuts. It comes stripped of all nasties, gluten, nuts, dairy and refined sugar. Plus, tigernuts are high in resistant starch, a fibre that acts as a prebiotic, which aids digestion and balances your blood sugar levels, which keep you fuller for longer.
£6.49, strpd.com



Chocoholics are in for a real treat, with Violife's newest product - a deliciously indulgent and creamy Cocospread. Incredibly versatile, Cocospread tastes great spread on toast, pancakes and waffles. It also has just a quarter of the sugar, half the fat and half the calories found in similar products on the market and can be enjoyed by everyone.
£2.40, cocospread.com

Biona Organic

Rye Bread - Amaranth & Quinoa

Biona's Rye Bread is made with sourdough and freshly milled whole rye, making it wheat-free and high in fibre with no added yeast. Superfoods amaranth and quinoa are both naturally high in protein and an array of vitamins. The bread is ideal served with sweet toppings like sliced banana and peanut butter or savoury delights like smashed avocado.
£2.09, biona.co.uk

Rainforest Foods

Bambeanies Super Cacoa Crispies Toasted Bean Cereal

Made from all-natural and allergen-free ingredients, each bowl of Bambeanies is high in fibre, under 3g of sugar (powered by plants!) and a great source of iron and protein. Naturally delicious, Bambeanies are perfect for both kids and adults alike. Rainforest Foods also works with the charity Rainforest Concern, and for every pack sold, Rainforest Foods will fund the protection of four-square metres of rainforest.
£2.50, rainforestfoods.com

Stacks of Goodness

Protein Pancake Mixes

Ideal for a lazy weekend brunch or a quick and easy midweek breakfast, Stacks of Goodness' Protein Pancake Mixes are a refreshingly healthy changeup that still hits the sweet spot. All mixes are vegan, low in sugar, glutenfree, and high in protein. There are currently three core mixes, including Strawberry Protein, Double Chocolate Protein and Vanilla and Blueberry.
£4.99, stacksofgoodness.co.uk


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