Breaking Free From The Myths We Are Taught About Animal Consumption 

Breaking Free From The Myths We Are Taught About Animal Consumption 

Animal consumption myths and stories haunt us all – but don’t let them get to you

Words by Ria


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We all wish we would have turned vegan sooner, after discovering the brutal truth of animal exploitation.


We feel guilt and shame that we were contributing to such a barbaric industry, through consuming animal products in food, cosmetics, clothing and more.


However, the truth is we were taught that animals are for human consumption and we have all been victims of mainstream programming.


Growing up as children, we are constantly absorbing the thoughts and opinions of others, particularly during our time at school.


The most common animal consumption myths we are taught in school are: Cow’s milk is a source of calcium’ and ‘Meat has protein’. Therefore, we must consume animals for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks if you feel peckish.


Yet, we are not taught about how many of us are allergic to dairy and how we can get calcium and protein from vegan foods.



The Dreaded Food Pyramid


We first learn about these myths through the teaching of the Food Pyramid  which ‘educates’ us on how much dairy, meat, fish and eggs we need as part of a ‘balanced diet’.


We then go on to take tests and exams on these myths, to assess our intelligence, which I find to be a mockery of our true human intelligence because that begins from our heart and intuition.


One of my memories of this classic myth being taught to me, was when I went on a school trip and visited a small farm.  I remember witnessing the process of how cows are still milked to this day and it was very uncomfortable.


There was no sight of  cows walking on an open field, chewing grass and living their #bestlife, like we are brainwashed to believe. Instead, I saw the cows in the milking parlour, attached to these unusual machines – my fragile mind couldn’t comprehend it.



Although I don’t have vivid recollections of that trip that took place, I can still  feel the emotions that I felt in that moment.


I remember feeling anxious and claustrophobic from the morbid atmosphere. It was dull, there were unusual machines that I had never seen before and, overall, it was just very unpleasant!


If I felt that way, I wonder how the cows that experience that daily feel?


Desensitising starts young


We are introduced to such atrocities at a young age, that by the time we become adults, we  are so desensitised, that most people couldn’t care less about what’s on their plate as long as it tastes good.


Everyone is taught to believe in these myths, including our parents and teachers, so there’s nobody to blame here. It’s up to us as individuals to free our minds and to operate from our logic, intuition and compassion.



Nevertheless, with more people turning vegan every single day, I am confident that the dairy myth, along with other animal consumption myths, is being debunked.


A growing number of parents and teachers are being more open-minded and embracing the vegan lifestyle.



We are living in a progressive time and the more we do individually and collectively to share the message of love and peace, the more we will make an impactful difference.




Words by Ria  (Founder of Roze Quartz Media)
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