Guest Blog: When Bruno the dog Met Chandni

Animal lover Chandni shares the story of Bruno the dog and how they changed each other’s lives

By Chandni


bruno the dog

Bruno and Chandni


One fine day, the great Mughal Ruler Akbar asked Birbal to tell him a sentence that, if read in happy times would make the person reading it sad and if read in sad times, would make the person happier.


A trailblazing answer as the ingenious Birbal was expected to give was, ”This Too Shall Pass”. In our lives, there are indeed certain phases which we Earthlings want to forever hold on to, to eternity and beyond.


An instance of this genus overwhelmed me on 27th July 2020, when a four-legged angel with dust covered fur and a pure soul – though lethargic and betrayed – came to my door and ignited my own being once again.


Who was it?


It was Bruno, the dog


Guest Blog: When Bruno the dog Met Chandni 1


Prayers answered


Just a day before, the sun had risen with me putting up an Instagram story requesting of my followers that if there are any dogs in their vicinity in dire need – whatsoever the breed or age may be, to be kindly brought to me for adoption purposes.


It was amazing to become an animal guardian again, after quite a stint off for around dos años (two years). To be clear, I had been a pet mum until two winters ago – my beloved dogs, Joey and Toofan enlightened me to embrace humanity like never before; like no human could ever teach me.


But that phase too had to pass, and they both went for the heavenly sojourn to Allah for reasons better unknown. Never has a day passed by since that I have not remembered or envisioned them at least once during the 24 hours on any fine day.


Guest Blog: When Bruno the dog Met Chandni 2


Who knew that the world would be kind enough to gift me with Bruno in the coming future?


This handsome hunk aged between two to three years, of unknown species (though he looks a tad like a German Shepherd at face and Bhutiya of body), was to come to meet me in the afternoon with a friend, who a night before, triumphantly convinced me to adopt Bruno.


Bruno, a wounded soul was abandoned on the streets in East Delhi during lockdown by his owners, and there from, his survival was summoned. We looked into each other’s eyes, and I instantaneously knew what love at the first sight meant. This big mucky doggo stopped at the door trembling to enter my small home. Tears at once filled my eyes imagining the pain he was carrying all this while. Nonetheless, I gathered enough courage and sat down at the doorway with him.


He deserved to take all his time to trust my intentions and it is not fawning if I say that those 10 minutes of sitting with him were too precious and fortunately, I survived the early defiance, and Bruno shook hands with me.


He kissed me. A dog’s lick on my face all of sudden ignited the long suppressed motherly spark within me, and here I was a mum again, of Bruno, the dog.


Guest Blog: When Bruno the dog Met Chandni 3


At the outset, our journey comprised a lot of forbearance and trust issues on both sides; the first night with the big boy in the room was indeed kind of scary, for I wasn’t sure if he would sleep in the closed dark room, or prefer to be outside in open. Fear and curiosity rendered the first two nights sleepless, and when the day arrived when I had to report to my nine hours job, I was perturbed. I still recollect the memories of that day at work when all I could possibly do was to remain lost in Bruno’s thoughts all alone.


I rushed back home that evening driving at hare’s pace and only after seeing Bruno did I sigh I relief. I dared not forget that he would want me to take him for a walk to pee and poop, and like a good mummy, I leashed him up and took him to the park. We came back home, enjoyed tea in each other’s company and he was all ears to my recitals. The days passed by, and Bruno, the dog became a quite sought-after dog in my neighbourhood. Our post-dinner walks usually became a social affair which Bruno absolutely relished.


Bruno’s personality unfolded in a miraculous manner within a month, and he became a bit of a celebrity on Instagram. To see my Insta followers showering much love on Bruno’s posts was overwhelming, and Bruno somehow knew exactly what to do in those videos to get more attention on social media. The life had become complete for me as I had always dreamt of adopting a needy doggo and living with him happily ever after.


But it was still not perfect. Somewhere within, a part of me always felt that Bruno deserved much better. Maybe a bigger house where there were always people around since he loved running and being cuddled was his favourite thing. I had kept my heart and mind open to do whatever it might take to give Bruno the best life possible. He was happy with me, for crazily I had loved him and king size I had fed him, but he didn’t deserve to be alone at home for the whole day while I was at work, I always thought.


Forever home

As the Almighty had planned, one of my colleagues visited my place for a cup of tea and thus, met Bruno. He told me that Bruno was the replica of Jackie, his chacha’s (paternal Uncle) former dog who passed away recently, and if his Chacha could get a chance to pet Bruno, how lavish would his life become.


Guest Blog: When Bruno the dog Met Chandni 4


At first, I was taken a-back, but when I regained consciousness and asked him of that man’s background (basically the pre-adoption formalities kind of questions), I was convinced. When I heard that he lived on big farmlands where three cows, two dogs and three kids also lived, I knew that this was it. I knew this was what Bruno had been sent to me for – to find him a forever home where he had kids to play with, cows to cuddle with, dogs to make friends with, and grass to run over; all these things I had seen him thoroughly enjoying during our walk times in that month.


Next weekend, after a house-check, I drove Bruno to his Forever New Home. He stepped out of the car and there he went, all excited, running in the farm all over, jumping around on the desi cots, sniffing other four-legged creatures and seeing it all, I was overwhelmed. After 30 minutes, I with tears filled in my hazy eyes, stood up, hugged Bruno, whispered in his ears, ‘Thanks for choosing me, this is what I could best do for you’. He hugged me, and with a heavy heart and choked voice, I uttered the last words to him, “Goodbye Bruno! Mamma will miss you”.


By Chandni


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