Burger King just added Vegan Society certified Vegan Royale ‘Chicken’ Burger to menus

Burger King UK also introduces a brand-new Plant-Based Whopper® to expand flexitarian menu


After months of rumours and speculation, the Burger King® Vegan Royale launches nationwide today, 26th April 2021.


According to the chain, the exciting variation on the fast-food restaurant’s vegan ‘chicken’ burger took years in development under the watchful eye of the Vegan Society. It is primed to become the crowning glory of the restaurant’s menu.


Burger King state that their aim was to ensure that the Vegan Royale matched up to the flavour of its chicken counterpart and could be enjoyed by vegans, flexitarians and anyone who loves a delicious burger.


The Vegan Royale

The new vegan burger consists of crispy coated, plant-based chicken made by The Vegetarian Butcher, and is topped with iceberg lettuce, creamy vegan mayo and a toasted sesame seed bun.


Strict cooking processes ensure that the Vegan Royale is kept completely separate from meat, dairy and egg products, earning the new burger Vegan Society certification.

vegan royale

Soco Nunez, marketing director of Burger King UK® says:, “At Burger King UK we’re all about delivering great tasting food for our customers, so we’ve purposefully taken our time with the Vegan Royale to make sure it’s the best on the market. In fact, we would go as far as to say it’s an identical taste experience to the original Chicken Royale.”


Vegan Chips And Drinks

But the news doesn’t stop here; there’s more developments from the fast-food chain. The Burger King brand’s fries have also been certified by the Vegan Society, which means that the restaurant can offer the Vegan Royale, or the Vegan Bean Burger, as part of a value meal.


The Vegan Royale with fries and any soft drink of choice will be just £6.79. Vegan Society approved drink options include bottled water and Capri Sun. All vegan Certified options will be labelled with the Vegan Society logo.


‘Above And Beyond’

Ericka Durgahee, marketing manager at The Vegan Society comments: “We’re delighted to be working closely with Burger King. It’s fantastic to see that not only are they expanding their range to cater to vegan customers, but are going above and beyond by offering them delicious options that have been certified by the highly-trusted and sought-after Vegan Trademark.”


“Customers can rest assured that when they order items displaying the Vegan Trademark they’re free from animal products and animal testing and that cross contamination has been minimised. Thank you for coming along with us in your journey to provide vegans across the country easily accessible and affordable options.


Vegan Whopper

As well as a new plant-based chicken burger and Vegan Certified chips, the Burger King has also added the Whopper® to their plant-based offerings.


Newly formulated and animal product-free; the Plant-Based Whopper is made up of a flame-grilled, soya-based patty, topped with tomatoes, fresh cut lettuce, vegan mayo, pickles, a swirl of ketchup, and sliced onions on a soft sesame seed bun. The burger is priced at £4.79, whilst a meal is £6.79.


Burger King adds Vegan Society certified Vegan Royale ‘Chicken’ Burger to menu 1In addition, Burger King is declaring ‘Meat Free Mondays’ nationwide for all app-users. This means that from today, at the start of every week, those with the Burger KingUK app can get their hands on the new meat-free burger for just £1.99.


Many other great deals on the app will also have the option to go meat-free this month, meaning fans will have the chance to grab the Vegan Royale for as little as £2.49. It’s a great incentive for trying vegan food, and might help to encourage people to try plant-based for the first time.


‘Sure To Be A Hit’

Dawn Carr, director of Vegan Corporate Projects for PETA says: “PETA applauds Burger King for offering its customers three flavoursome plant-based burgers. From bun to mayo to patty, all the ingredients in the new Plant-Based Whopper and Vegan Royale are completely animal-free, so they’re sure to be a hit with the UK’s growing number of vegans, vegetarians, and flexitarians.”


Burger King adds Vegan Society certified Vegan Royale ‘Chicken’ Burger to menu 2


Millie Powell, head of brand at The Vegetarian Butcher said: “We’re on a mission to help people make easy and tasty plant-based switches, and by re-creating the taste of the Whopper and the Royale with our plant-based patties we’re ensuring everyone can enjoy the taste, texture and satisfaction of these Burger King classics – but without sacrificing a thing.”


The new vegan menu additions follow after Burger King UK’s recent announcement of its plans for lowering carbon emissions.


The restaurant chain has committed to reducing emissions including those from purchased goods and services, capital distribution and waste generated in operations and franchises by 41 per cent, at each restaurant by 2030.


The chain state that the Vegan Royale and Plant-Based Whopper are a step towards meeting these ambitions.




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