Dr Pía Spry-Marqués, originally from Spain, has joined the growing number of people choosing to eliminate animal products from their diets. After researching the relationship between humans and pigs for her book, she decided to go vegan.

Dr Spry-Marqués has immersed herself in the history of pork as research for her book named Pig/Pork: Archaeology, Zoology and Edibility. She admits that she had not given much thought to what she was eating before researching the book.

Cambridge Archaeologist and Author Goes Vegan 1Her book focuses on when the human obsession with pigs began, how it developed through time and the history of pig-human interaction, including pork recipes through time. However, in the last eleven pages of her book she explains her change to a vegan diet which came about with the birth of her son and the realisation that cow’s milk was made for calves, just like breast milk is created for babies.

She was shocked to learn how sensitive and sociable pigs are and said that the disengagement between the Cambridge Archaeologist and Author Goes Vegan 2animal and the food product meant that she hadn’t given much thought to where her food came from. She told the independent: “Now I think about it, it shocks me that it didn’t shock me before.”

The Archaeologist writes: “I had a bit of a paleo diet frame of mine. Much of my focus was on what meat people from the past were hunting and eating, and I just didn’t pay much attention to what we are all eating now, and what this consumption really entails.”

“Thinking more about it, who am I kidding? I was probably aware, but just didn’t want to know anything about it.”

This example clearly shows that education and the pursuit of truth can reverse the current normalisation of meat eating.

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