Canada Goose Is Going Fur-Free

Major Outerwear Brand Canada Goose Is Phasing Out Fur Trims On Its Jackets After Animal Cruelty And Sustainability Concerns


Canada-based parka brand, Canada Goose, is well known for its coyote fur-trimmed products, but finally, the brand has pledged to stop using this cruel material.


Canada Goose said it would stop buying fur by the end of 2021, and cease manufacturing with fur no later than the end of 2022. This move is an improvement on their 2020 promise to stop using new fur, and only use that which has been reclaimed.


In an interview with media company, WWD, Dani Reiss, president and chief executive officer of Canada Goose, said: “The decision is driven by our purpose and our focus on sustainability and innovation.”


She added: “Personally, I believe that companies that don’t evolve and aren’t good for the world won’t be here in 20 years. It’s incumbent on businesses to be the catalyst for that change. This is the right time for us to make this sort of transformative transition for the long term.”


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Good But Not Good Enough

The move has been greatly applauded by animal rights groups, following years of fur-free campaigns targeted at Canada Goose. Animal rights organisation, PETA, played a great part in campaigning against the coat brand.


Following the news, Ingrid Newkirk, president of PETA, said: “PETA and its affiliates are suspending their international campaigns against Canada Goose, after years of eye-catching protests, hard-hitting exposés, celebrity actions and legal battles, as the company has finally conceded and will stop using fur — sparing sensitive, intelligent, coyotes from being caught and killed in barbaric steel traps. PETA will now reengage the company to push for an end to its use of feathers, which geese and ducks continue to suffer for.”


As well as fur, Canada Goose is known for the use of feathers and down in its jackets; as of yet, there are no plans for them to suspend the equally cruel practice of using these materials.







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