Cardiff pasta restaurant to serve vegan cheese bowls

An Italian restaurant based in Cardiff, Wales, is soon to open and has vegan cheese bowls on the menu. Used to serve their vegan-friendly spaghetti, Piatto has a range of vegan-friendly pastas on their menu, including penne and courghettini for those who might not be eating carbohydrates.

Their restaurant works by picking your salsa (or sauce to many), picking your portion size and then picking your desired pasta.

To complete the pastas opt for the Norma – fresh cherry tomatoes and aubergine, slow-roasted for a deep flavour or the classic Pomodorini, made with cherry tomatoes, basil, virgin olive oil and crushed garlic.

For pesto fans, opt for the presto di rucola e noci – a rocket salad with walnuts and virgin olive oil too make a ‘zesty variation on the basil classic’.

The restaurant is founded by Giovanni Malacrino, a restauranteur with 30 years’ of experience in the industry. The restaurant asks people to leave their phones in the table slot provided to thoroughly enjoy the experience and spend quality social time with their party.

Giovanni’s son, Luca is part of the family’s new venture. Luca said: “My favourite food is pasta – if I could eat anything for the rest of my life, it would be a big bowl of my dad’s pasta.”

He added: “A lot of Italian food is vegan, but it’s not always marked as such on the menu, so people can miss out. Living in LA, the majority of places to eat are vegan-friendly and options in the UK are getting better all the time.

“I have a lot of vegan friends back home, and pasta is a staple in their diet. I’m so proud to be able to offer delicious vegan-friendly pasta dishes that are a bit more special, in a really special venue that’s perfect for date nights, in my hometown of Cardiff.”

Luca has appeared in hit US show Grey’s Anatomy and British soap drama, Coronation Street.



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