Carlsberg to bring gluten free vegan lager to UK

Carlsberg UK is set for a marketing push of its Czech lagers Celia organic and Celia Dark which it will roll out this November, produced by Czech micro-brewery Zatecky Pivovay, co-owned by the Carlsberg group.

Carlsberg vice president of marketing, Liam Newton said that gluten free tapped into current consumer trend and gave the brand a point of difference. Celia also claims that the organic range of lagers are only 136 calories, and make with only three ingredients ,which are all locally sourced. It is specifically crafted to remove the gluten content of the lager, and used a silicone filtration process to make sure it’s vegan friendly.

With independent breweries now becoming more popular with consumers, Carlsberg are redesigning their cans with a simplified craft look.

Carlsberg isn’t the only beer brand keen to get in on the craft beer trend. Earlier this year, MillerCoors took a majority stake in San Diego craft brewer Saint Archer brewing co.

Not all brands are as responsive to the craft beer market however, at the 2016 Superbowl, Budweiser used its ad slot to take a jab at craft beers.

Credit: The Drum


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