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Fat Gay Vegan: “Veganism is not a Weight Loss Tool”


Fat Gay Vegan: “Veganism is not a Weight Loss Tool”

fat gay vegan weight loss veganism

Fat Gay Vegan writes about body shaming, kindness and how veganism should not be used as a method for weight loss   Living as a vegan means you have chosen to reduce your dependence on animal-derived products as much as possible.   Simple, right? Veganism, first and foremost, is about reducing harm to non-human animals.…

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Watch: Our Top Five Vegan Speeches

We’ve selected our top five speeches that talk about veganism and address the issues of the meat industry, with each one covering different areas. Each of these videos is undoubtedly going to have an impact on any non-vegan friends, and each of these have changed the lives of people and helped in their decision to…

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Mercy for Animals – Nathan Runkle

nathan runkle mercy for animals book

Mercy for Animals founder Nathan Runkle talks to Vegan Life about inspiring passion and improving the lives of farm animals   “Part autobiography, part hard-hitting exposé, and part action guide,” is how Nathan describes his new book to us. Nathan was on track to be a fifth-generation farmer before he founded Mercy For Animals. In…

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Dangerous Ground – Bees in Decline

Bees are in decline, but what does this mean for the environment? Quite simply, no bees, no food   Bees are known as one of the most industrious insects for good reason. Busy bees help to pollinate some of our most beloved foods including broccoli, asparagus, cucumbers, blueberries, almonds, cranberries and cherries.   Pollination is…

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Meet the Chef – Estee Raviv

estee raviv oy yey vegan

Vegan Life talks to chef Estee Raviv about her cookbook ‘Oy Yey Vegan’ and her thought on the future of vegan food   Tell us about your own vegan journey About five years ago, I began having some issues with my digestive system. After researching and investigating, I tried experimenting with removing certain things from…

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Speaking Frankly – Vegan Life talks to Ingrid Newkirk

Vegan Life speaks with straight-talking PETA founder Ingrid Newkirk about the different approaches to activism   Ingrid was born in Kingston on Thames and was inducted into compassionate living at a young age, helping her mother to roll bandages for lepers and stuff toys for orphans. Ingrid didn’t go vegan until she was in her…

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The Street Dogs of Sarajevo

street dogs sarajevo maria slough

Animal advocate Maria Slough reports for Vegan Life from Bosnia and Herzegovina on the issue of stray dogs   Over the next few months Maria will be reporting from behind the camera with an access all areas insight into a series of issues. This month she will be talking about the street dogs of Sarajevo.…

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Animal Agriculture is Killing Native Animals in South America

A new report has found that animal agriculture is killing native animals in South America. The report titled The Avoidable Crisis, found that in the Gran Chaco area that is home to wild animals such as jaguars, screaming hairy armadillo and giant anteater, the land is extensively being cleared for soy farming that will be…

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Chickens are not Machines

10 facts you should know about the chicken and the egg   In 2017, there were nearly 11 billion eggs produced in the UK. Animal products are the only source of dietary cholesterol. Plants don’t contain cholesterol. Chickens have more than 24 calls, each with a distinct meaning. Over 6 million male chicks are killed…

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Krill Industry Exposed in New Greenpeace Report

The krill industry has been exposed in a new report published by Greenpeace, and stockists are removing krill products from their shelves. UK health and beauty chain Boots has removed their products from sale, and items include krill oil as a health supplement both under their own brand and from third party brands. Krill is…

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Cakes for Apes Campaign Started to Help Save Orangutans

The Cakes for Apes campaign is an initiative started by the International Animal Rescue (IAR) which run a rescue and rehabilitation centre for orangutans in West Borneo. It aims to get people baking for their friends, family and colleagues as a fun way to raise vital funds for IAR’s orangutan project. The event takes place…

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