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RSPCA Announce Michael Gove as Politician of the Year, Despite Increasing Badger Culls


Israel’s Animal Rights

We are paying a visit to Israel today to take a look at their current animal rights situation. In 2017, Israel hosted the biggest animal rights march the world has ever seen. It was organised and sponsored by various animal rights organisations including Vegan Friendly – an Israeli based non-profit animal rights group whose logo…

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The Airlines Shipping Monkeys to their Death

No matter what our reasons for flying, be it for business or pleasure, air travel has become an integral mode of transport for many us.  It is particularly relevant now summer is here and many of us will be jetting off on our holidays. However, what the majority of us don’t realise is that air…

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Taking Care of Animals this Summer

We are all feeling the heat at the moment as Britain is experiencing the longest heatwave recorded in 42 years. While some of us may be enjoying the sunny weather, we need to spare a thought for the wildlife out there that may be really suffering in this spell of intense heat. So here are…

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Potential Breakthrough in the Fight Against Animal Testing

Cruelty Free International – the leading charity against animal testing – have introduced a new pilot scheme that could be the beginning of the end when it comes to animal testing in China. As it stands, China currently have certain rules and regulations that means all cosmetic items that enter their country, have to be…

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Vegan Celebrities – Fighting the Good Fight

Last week we spoke about the rise in vegan and plant based athletes. This week, we are taking a look at vegan celebrities and how they use their fame and celebrity status in motivational ways. The thing about celebrities is it’s that they are listened to. They inspire people of all ages to achieve dreams…

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Morrisons Reintroduces Paper Grocery Bags to Replace Single-Use Plastic

UK supermarket Morrisons has reintroduced paper grocery bags to replace plastic, in efforts to tackle the problem of single-use plastic. The paper bags will be available for customers to use for fresh fruit and vegetables, and customers are encouraged to bring in their own containers for other delicatessen counters in stores. The supermarket have said…

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Dog Meat Outlawed in South Korea

As most of us are now aware, the Yulin dog meat festival started yesterday in China and although the plight against this horrific event often seems futile, there is good news coming our way in regard to the banning of this barbaric practice. A South Korean court has finally declared that the killing of dogs…

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Canada’s Cruelty-Free Cosmetics

Canada is in the process of making giants leaps towards a new cruelty free future- in the cosmetics department at least; In 2015, Senator Carolyn Stewart Olsen introduced the Cruelty Free Cosmetics Act to the Canadian government. Now, the final endorsement of the Bill S-214 has been cleared. This means Canada is half way to…

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Vegan Tacos – No Whey!

A new fully vegan taco restaurant has opened in Plymouth, Devon and the public can not get enough of it. The restaurant is aptly named No Whey Tacos and is owned by two vegans, Fiona Graham and Joseph Pilkington, who have been vegan for two years. The Mexican inspired tacos will consist of fillings such…

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The Rise of Vegan Athletes

It is no secret that the interest in plant based diets is rising at an encouraging rate, with the health benefits of following a plant-based diet becoming truly apparent. It is no surprise therefore that world famous athletes are also cottoning on to this trend and following either a plant based diet or announcing that…

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Stella McCartney Fights River Thames Plastic

We are all becoming more aware of just how much plastic pollution is impacting our environment, with many of us taking positive steps towards reducing our plastic usage. However, this does not change the fact that despite our best efforts to recycle everything we can, a staggering 8 million tonnes of our plastic waste ends…

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