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K-9 Angels’ Victoria Eisermann on Challenging Yourself


K-9 Angels’ Victoria Eisermann on Challenging Yourself

victoria eisermann challenge fiona oakes

K-9 Angels’ Victoria Eisermann discusses how vegan athletes such as Fiona Oakes have inspired her own philanthropic challenges   Every year I take on a personal challenge to raise funds for my charity K-9 Angels. It’s usually something quite extreme in the hope it catches people’s imagination and we can get some donations for dogs…

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Fox in Focus

There are 12 species of fox and they are found on every continent on the world except Antarctica. Foxes can be found in all shapes and sizes from the tiny, white arctic fox to the red fox, also known as the urban fox. These omnivorous scavengers are so successful as a result of their ability…

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Kestrel in Focus

Kestrels (falco tinnunculus) are one of the best known, and best loved, birds of prey in the UK and are instantly recognisable by their unique ability to hover in situ above prey, their pointed wings and fanned tail feathers. Kestrels are the most common bird of prey in Europe, although it appears that the numbers…

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Water Vole in Focus

water vole

Water voles (Arvicola terrestris) typically live along the banks of water bodies such as rivers, streams, ponds, lakes and marshes and are the UK’s fastest declining mammal. Signs that water voles may be populating an area include burrows in the riverbanks or piles of nibbled grass and stems, as water voles like to sit and…

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Vegan Life Talks to Dina Aherne and Tyrina Davis

activism campaigner dina aherne artivist tyrina davis

We talk to campaigner Dina Aherne and artivist Tyrina Davis about the different ways in which they approach activism   Outreach work and campaigning is a great way to meet other vegans and feel part of the community. In the article we hear the stories of two people who approach activism in very different ways.…

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SubmergedUK: Climate Change Campaign

We spoke to artist Lauren Darn about her photographic campaign SubmergedUK, which encourages people to think about the effects that climate change and rising water levels will have on low-lying towns and cities in the UK. Tell us about SubmergedUK: “SubmergedUK is an original photographic climate change campaign which uses visualisations of a flooded Britain…

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Invasive Species that Call the UK their Home

invasive native species UK home

Vegan Life looks at the invasive species that call the UK their home and the impact that they have on our native species   Our ocean planet is speckled with islands and the ever-changing nature of Earth means that new islands are being created and destroyed as the Earth’s techtonic plates snail towards, against or…

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Hawksbill Turtle in Focus

Vegan Life investigates how human activities are pushing species like the hawksbill turtle closer to extinction   There are seven species of sea turtle and all are considered to be threatened. However, the hawksbill turtle, found in the tropics of the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans, is the only species that is critically endangered. They…

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Optimising Performance for Vegan Athletes

rishi kumar nursimloo sports nutrition athletic athlete vegan

With more athletes following a vegan diet, Rishi Kumar Nursimloo explains sports nutrition and optimising performance     Veganism is constantly growing and the increased prevalence is now crossing over into professional sports, where we are seeing more athletes following a vegan diet. From the average gym goer to professional athletes, we all want to…

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Craig Williams on the Ice Warrior Project

Vegan Life speaks to Craig Williams, who is taking part in the Ice Warrior project which sees 28 people attempt to reach the Arctic pole   In February 2018 Craig Williams, who has been vegan for three years now, will be part of an expedition of just 28 people from around the world who are…

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Kim Willis on Improving the Lives of Donkeys in Pakistan

donkeys animal welfare the brooke pakistan kim willis

Kim Willis reports for Vegan Life about how animal welfare experts at the Brooke are improving the lives of donkeys in Pakistan   Donkeys are used for manual labour in developing countries because they work until they collapse. To understand why Pakistan’s poorest mining communities overwork their donkeys, you have to first understand the situation…

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Meet the Chef – Marz Valcorza from Sadhana Kitchen

maz valcorza sadhana kitchen sydney vegan journey

Marz Valcorza talks about her vegan journey, writing cookbooks, and opening up her own vegan restauarant, Sadhana Kitchen, in Sydney   Maz Valcorza has had a dizzying journey to veganism and eventually the excessive partying, smoking and lack of exercise took its toll on her health. She traded her corporate career for the chance to…

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