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Kip Andersen Talks To Us About ‘What the Health’


Kip Andersen Talks To Us About ‘What the Health’

What the Health

Kip Andersen, Co-producer of documentary ‘Cowspiracy’, talks to Vegan Life about his latest film, ‘What the Health’   Thanks so much for taking the time to talk to us. The reaction to Cowspiracy has been incredible. How does What the Health differ from Cowspiracy? Well the obvious thing is that, rather than focusing on the…

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How Much Can You Bear? New Campaign Exposes Vietnam’s Bear Bile Farms

Bear bile has been used in traditional Asian medicine for thousands of years. It is believed to treat conditions including liver disease, diabetes, and heart disease and is even used as a hangover cure. In the past bear bile would be obtained by hunting wild bears and killing them to remove their gallbladder. However, in…

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Photographer Jo-Anne McArthur on How Animals Live in our Environment

We Animals

Photographer Jo-Anne McArthur talks to us about We Animals, the project that aims to show how animals really live in our human environment   World-renowned photojournalist, author, and educator Jo-Anne McArthur has been documenting our complex relationship with animals around the world and across all seven continents for over a decade. Her project, We Animals, represents…

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Duplicity Part 2: Liberate Your Conscience

By Alex on Fruits Read Duplicity Part 1. An animal in captivity is one of the saddest things. Aquariums, marine parks, zoos, petting zoos, circuses, and the like are animal prisons. Vegans don’t go to these places of “entertainment”. Vegans also don’t wear animal skin and fur or support animal testing. Fur farms are the…

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Go Vegan World’s Campaign Against the Dairy Industry


Go Vegan World’s campaign against milk caused a stir within the dairy industry. We look at the claims from both sides of the argument   The National Farmers’ Union issued its battle cry in the form of a strongly worded letter to The Sunday Times. “[Pro vegan] adverts like this dishearten the nation’s dairy farmers,”…

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Go Vegan World Founder Sandra Higgins on Shining a Light on Injustice


We spoke to Sandra Higgins, the founder of Go Vegan World, about her vegan journey and the future of the organisation   The Go Vegan World campaign has clearly caused quite a stir among the dairy farming community, as the National Farmers’ Union backlash demonstrated. It’s an innovative campaign that firmly shines the mainstream spotlight…

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A Talk with Simon Amstell, the Man Behind Vegan Comedy ‘Carnage’


Roving reporter Louise Wallis attends the press screening of ‘Carnage’, Simon Amstell’s vegan comedy film   “Ultimately, it’s going to be really awkward to keep eating other animals,” says Simon Amstell. “At the moment you can do it and society says it’s fine, but at some point I think there’s going to be a shift,…

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Chris Moore – The Truth About British Pork and Animal Welfare


Millions of pounds are being spent on marketing campaigns to sell more pork in Britain, but the price paid by pigs is immeasurable     At the end of April [2015], new adverts for pork will hit our television screens, showing us all how easy it is to cook and prepare pulled pork in our…

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Born Free President Will Travers OBE About Respect for Animals

Born Free Foundation

Will Travers OBE, president of the Born Free Foundation and Born Free USA, talks to Maria Slough about respect for animals   Will Travers is an internationally renowned wildlife expert and president of the Born Free Foundation and Born Free USA – a global charity that works to stop individual wildlife animal suffering, protect threatened…

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Vegan Life – In Conversation With Moby


Vegan Life chats to multi-million record-selling musician Moby about his investment in animal rights, welfare and activism.   Moby is the perfect interviewee. He considers every question carefully then answers in perfect prose. Famous for selling more than 20 million records globally, the multi-talented star has been praised for his writing as well as his…

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Have a Go Heroes – Saving Battery Hens

saving battery hens louise fields emma billington m62 crash

Louise Fields and her partner Emma Billington were first on the scene at the recent horrific M62 crash involving a truck full of battery hens   We woke up at about four o’clock in the morning with a bang. I got up and opened the window – and all I could hear was chickens screaming.…

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Ocean Warriors: Sea Shepherd on Marine Conservation

  We talk to marine conservation charity Sea Shepherd about working towards ending the destruction of habitats and the slaughter of wildlife     Not many charities would use a skull and cross bone for their logo. But then there are a lot of things Sea Shepherd does differently to everyone else. With stories about…

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