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P&O Ferry Line to Immediately Cease the Transportation of Baby Calves to Europe


Potential Breakthrough in the Fight Against Animal Testing

Cruelty Free International – the leading charity against animal testing – have introduced a new pilot scheme that could be the beginning of the end when it comes to animal testing in China. As it stands, China currently have certain rules and regulations that means all cosmetic items that enter their country, have to be…

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The Rise of Vegan Athletes

It is no secret that the interest in plant based diets is rising at an encouraging rate, with the health benefits of following a plant-based diet becoming truly apparent. It is no surprise therefore that world famous athletes are also cottoning on to this trend and following either a plant based diet or announcing that…

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Mercy for Animals – Nathan Runkle

nathan runkle mercy for animals book

Mercy for Animals founder Nathan Runkle talks to Vegan Life about inspiring passion and improving the lives of farm animals   “Part autobiography, part hard-hitting exposé, and part action guide,” is how Nathan describes his new book to us. Nathan was on track to be a fifth-generation farmer before he founded Mercy For Animals. In…

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Speaking Frankly – Vegan Life talks to Ingrid Newkirk

Vegan Life speaks with straight-talking PETA founder Ingrid Newkirk about the different approaches to activism   Ingrid was born in Kingston on Thames and was inducted into compassionate living at a young age, helping her mother to roll bandages for lepers and stuff toys for orphans. Ingrid didn’t go vegan until she was in her…

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The Street Dogs of Sarajevo

street dogs sarajevo maria slough

Animal advocate Maria Slough reports for Vegan Life from Bosnia and Herzegovina on the issue of stray dogs   Over the next few months Maria will be reporting from behind the camera with an access all areas insight into a series of issues. This month she will be talking about the street dogs of Sarajevo.…

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Krill Industry Exposed in New Greenpeace Report

The krill industry has been exposed in a new report published by Greenpeace, and stockists are removing krill products from their shelves. UK health and beauty chain Boots has removed their products from sale, and items include krill oil as a health supplement both under their own brand and from third party brands. Krill is…

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Cakes for Apes Campaign Started to Help Save Orangutans

The Cakes for Apes campaign is an initiative started by the International Animal Rescue (IAR) which run a rescue and rehabilitation centre for orangutans in West Borneo. It aims to get people baking for their friends, family and colleagues as a fun way to raise vital funds for IAR’s orangutan project. The event takes place…

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Interview with Allison Argo, Filmmaker of The Last Pig

Vegan Life spoke to Allison Argo about her latest production, The Last Pig. The documentary follows a pig farmer, and the last pig that he will send to slaughter. What inspired you to create The Last Pig? I’ve long been concerned about animals caught in the horrors of the farming industry, but I was at…

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San Francisco Vote Unanimously to Ban Fur Sales in the City

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors has voted unanimously to ban the sale of fur in the city, and the ban becomes effective in January 2019. Other countries and states have adopted similar bans on the import and sale of fur; however San Francisco is the first city to make a fur-free policy. The ban…

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Beyond Extinction with Vegan Author John Keeble

Author John Keeble explains how his new book, Beyond Extinction, tackles a future where humans are a species under threat. You can download your free copy of Beyond Extinction here. On your author bio it says that you are a lifelong vegetarian/vegan. When did you go vegan and can you tell us what triggered the…

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