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Use Your Christmas Shop to Support Animals in Need

Animals in Focus

Use Your Christmas Shop to Support Animals in Need

Use Your Christmas Shop to Support Animals in Need 1

Animal Defenders International Launch Appeal – You Can Support This Christmas For over 20 years now, Animal Defenders International (ADI) have been pushing for the abolition of animal circuses   In August 2018, ADI then made further plans involving the removal of the remaining circus animals in Guatemala. Two circuses with 18 tigers, two more…

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Home At Last

Home At Last 3

Jenny Canham visited Hillside Animal Sanctuary to see the amazing work they do, giving all types of animal a place to call home Last summer, I was lucky enough to spend a sunny Saturday afternoon at Hillside Animal Sanctuary in Norfolk. There are two sanctuaries in the area, but I visited the Horse Shire Sanctuary…

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Michael Gove announces new bill that will punish animal abusers

Michael Gove announces new bill that will punish animal abusers 8

The Animal Welfare (Sentencing) Bill aims to prevent animal suffering   The environment secretary, Michael Gove, has released news of a new bill that will mean stricter prison sentences for the worst instances of animal abuse.   Not only will it help to protect companion animals who are neglected and made to suffer, but farmed…

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Make Gardening For Wildlife Second Nature

Make Gardening For Wildlife Second Nature 9

Alice Whitehead helps you make your garden a home for our beloved native wildlife With spring firmly in our step, it’s easy to get carried away trimming edges, weeding out the unwanted (both plants and pests) and making lawns Wimbledon-ready. But, this year, don’t be tempted to tame your plot or patch too much –…

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The Truth About British Pork and Animal Welfare

The Truth About British Pork and Animal Welfare 12

Millions of pounds are being spent on marketing campaigns to sell more pork in Britain, but the price paid by pigs is immeasurable At the end of April, new adverts for pork will hit our television screens, showing us all how easy it is to cook and prepare pulled pork in our own kitchens. This…

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Famous faces beg for an end to China’s Yulin dog meat festival

End Yulin Dog meat festival

Today marks the first day of horrific Yulin   As China’s cruel Yulin dog meat festival kicks off, actress Dame Judi Dench, and violinist Vanessa-Mae send out heart-felt messages of support for activists campaigning to bring an end to the festival.   The annual event, which sees thousands of dogs, as well as cats, beaten…

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Britain’s Biggest Food Scandal

Britain's Biggest Food Scandal 14

Paul Freestone explores the recent scandal concerning campylobacter in chickens The biggest food scandal within the meat industry was finallyexposed in the national media when the FSA (Food Standards Agency) published its damning report about campylobacter in November 2014. This revealed that an average of 70% of all chickens sold in the UK are infected…

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The Agony Behind Angora

The Agony Behind Angora 16

Fashion brands and clothing stores abandon cruel angora trade For those that haven’t seen one, angora rabbits are cute, small, fluffy creatures. But, (perhaps regrettably) their wool is also known for its softness, silky texture, thin fibres, and what knitters refer to as a halo (fluffiness). This means that it has long been desirable for…

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Care Bears

Care Bears 18

Maria Slough shares her life-changing experiences living amongst the rescued moon bears of China My time with the rescued moon bears at the Animals Asia China Bear Rescue Centre in Chengdu has altered me. I am changed as a person in a way that I have yet to fully understand. Tears are rolling down my…

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Cruelty-Free Vs Vegan

Cruelty-Free Vs Vegan 19

What’s the difference between ‘cruelty-free’ and ‘vegan’? By Sunny Subramanian By shopping cruelty-free, you’re helping save animals and using your purchasing power to increase the demand for more compassionate products. Even though beauty brands are starting to catch up with the times by ditching animal testing, there are still companies that haven’t yet made the…

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How Veganism Changed My Life – Teresa Chambers

How Veganism Changed My Life - Teresa Chambers 20

Teresa Chambers chose the vegan lifestyle after waking up to the cruelty of animal farming We were staying in a hotel and had bought ourselves a whole load of cheeses and biscuits to feast on in the room. Roule, strong cheddar and goats cheese, plus crackers, nuts, grapes, chocolate pastries and wine of course. It…

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Pulling the Wool Over Our Eyes

Pulling the Wool Over Our Eyes 22

The wool industry is a long way from cruelty–free Imagine the headlines: an undercover reporter discovers that there is an industry that routinely cuts off parts of dogs without anaesthetic, leaving gaping wounds. Imagine what would happen if we discovered that somewhere in the world, cats were being farmed for their fur, shaved by rough,…

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