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Water Vole Reintroduction At Malham Tarn

Animals in Focus

Water Vole Reintroduction At Malham Tarn

Katie Chabriere talks to Roisin Black, Yorkshire Dales ranger at Malham Tarn Field Centre, about the water vole reintroduction project taking place there. KC: Why have water voles declined so much, and why use Malham Tarn as a reintroduction site? RB: One of the main problems is that 90% of our waterways, the voles’ habitat, have disappeared or…

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Adoption is the Only Option – Ten Reasons to Adopt


Vegan Life gives you ten great reasons why you should adopt a companion dog before you consider buying a puppy     Companionship with an animal is a strong, sacred bond and the special relationship which exists between human and dog is a rewarding and gratifying one; adoption can change your life, as well as…

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Animals in Focus – The Natterjack Toad

Vegan Life takes a look at the Natterjack Toad, the rarest of six native amphibians living in the British Isles   Labelled as Europe’s noisiest amphibian, the Natterjack Toad (epidalea calamita – formerly bufo calamita), is the rarest of the six native amphibians currently living in the British Isles. Superficially similar in appearance to the much more widespread common…

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