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Kim Willis on Improving the Lives of Donkeys in Pakistan


Kim Willis on Improving the Lives of Donkeys in Pakistan

donkeys animal welfare the brooke pakistan kim willis

Kim Willis reports for Vegan Life about how animal welfare experts at the Brooke are improving the lives of donkeys in Pakistan   Donkeys are used for manual labour in developing countries because they work until they collapse. To understand why Pakistan’s poorest mining communities overwork their donkeys, you have to first understand the situation…

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In Conversation With… Robert Grillo Author Of Farm To Fable

We spoke to Robert Grillo, the author of Farm To Fable: The Fictions Of Our Animal-Consuming Culture, about how our culture dictates our food choices and what the future holds for vegans. Tell us about your journey to veganism.   It was prompted by the trauma I felt from seeing investigative footage in hatcheries. I…

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Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Adopt a Dog

Rescue Dog

Vegan Life gives you the top ten reasons why you should adopt and re-home a dog instead of buying a puppy.   Companionship with an animal is a strong, sacred bond and the special relationship which exists between human and dog is a rewarding and gratifying one; adoption can change your life, as well as…

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Lauralee Blanchard – Trading the Rat Race for Paradise


Laurelee Blanchard talks to us about why she left California to pursue her dream of saving animals in Maui   Laurelee has an incredible story to tell. Her upcoming book, Finding Paradise: Leilani Farm Sanctuary of Maui, is an emotional and truly compelling tale of her lifelong commitment to animal advocacy. Her astonishing book is…

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Stephen Balfour on the Power of Positive Feedback

positive feedback

Stephen Balfour muses on different kinds of advocacy and the importance of providing positive feedback in the vegan community   In the dim and distant past I spent a few summers driving a taxi on Nantucket Island in the USA. If you’ve never heard of Nantucket, the Island was inspiration for the book Moby Dick…

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Spare a Thought – The Exploitation of Reindeer

Vegan Life investigates the cruel exploitation of the beloved reindeer   For hundreds of years we have celebrated Christmas and there is a certain magic surrounding the end of December. Images of children making a snowman, Christmas trees dressed in gold and red sparkling in a window and, of course, Father Christmas flying through the…

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Evanna Lynch – Role Model For New Vegans And Veg-Curious People

Evanna Lynch

Irish actress Evanna Lynch talks to us about her gradual transition in to veganism, Luna Lovegood, and launching her own vegan podcast   I’m sitting in a pen with half a dozen eight-week-old baby lambs at Hugletts Wood Farm animal sanctuary in Sussex on a fresh April afternoon. Two best friends sit side by side,…

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Chris Moore – The Truth About British Pork and Animal Welfare


Millions of pounds are being spent on marketing campaigns to sell more pork in Britain, but the price paid by pigs is immeasurable     At the end of April [2015], new adverts for pork will hit our television screens, showing us all how easy it is to cook and prepare pulled pork in our…

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Born Free President Will Travers OBE About Respect for Animals

Born Free Foundation

Will Travers OBE, president of the Born Free Foundation and Born Free USA, talks to Maria Slough about respect for animals   Will Travers is an internationally renowned wildlife expert and president of the Born Free Foundation and Born Free USA – a global charity that works to stop individual wildlife animal suffering, protect threatened…

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Vegan Life – In Conversation With Moby


Vegan Life chats to multi-million record-selling musician Moby about his investment in animal rights, welfare and activism.   Moby is the perfect interviewee. He considers every question carefully then answers in perfect prose. Famous for selling more than 20 million records globally, the multi-talented star has been praised for his writing as well as his…

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The Mr. Mo Project

Mr Mo Project

Vegan Life talks to the founders of the Mr. Mo Project which has so far saved over 150 rescue dogs and given them a home     Chris and Mariesa Hughes fight to save senior dogs across America, all thanks to one special senior named Moses   “When we first lost a foster, I said…

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Leigh Sanders and the Art of Compassion

Vegan Life talks to Leigh Sanders, organiser of the Art of Compassion project, which showcases artists who are spreading the vegan message     Over the years, vegan art has blossomed into a rapidly expanding community, with an abundance of artists producing powerful pieces depicting the harsh reality of slaughter and promoting veganism. After becoming…

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