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Dog Meat Outlawed in South Korea


Dog Meat Outlawed in South Korea

As most of us are now aware, the Yulin dog meat festival started yesterday in China and although the plight against this horrific event often seems futile, there is good news coming our way in regard to the banning of this barbaric practice. A South Korean court has finally declared that the killing of dogs…

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Canada’s Cruelty-Free Cosmetics

Canada is in the process of making giants leaps towards a new cruelty free future- in the cosmetics department at least; In 2015, Senator Carolyn Stewart Olsen introduced the Cruelty Free Cosmetics Act to the Canadian government. Now, the final endorsement of the Bill S-214 has been cleared. This means Canada is half way to…

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The Rise of Vegan Athletes

It is no secret that the interest in plant based diets is rising at an encouraging rate, with the health benefits of following a plant-based diet becoming truly apparent. It is no surprise therefore that world famous athletes are also cottoning on to this trend and following either a plant based diet or announcing that…

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The Street Dogs of Sarajevo

street dogs sarajevo maria slough

Animal advocate Maria Slough reports for Vegan Life from Bosnia and Herzegovina on the issue of stray dogs   Over the next few months Maria will be reporting from behind the camera with an access all areas insight into a series of issues. This month she will be talking about the street dogs of Sarajevo.…

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Victoria Eisermann – “Be the Solution, Not the Problem”

victoria eisermann k9 angels dogs neutering spaying

Victoria Eisermann, co-founder of K-9 Angels, writes for Vegan Life about the importance of spaying and neutering     Hamlet’s most famous soliloquy starts with: “To be or not to be? That is the question.” Even most who have never read Shakespeare would be able to recite this quotation. What Hamlet is really contemplating is…

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Thomas Cook Suspend Online Promotion of SeaWorld

UK travel company Thomas Cook have suspended their online promotion of SeaWorld following campaigning by PETA. PETA have gained support by 22,000 people sending emails and by staging peaceful protests outside of Thomas Cook branches. This is yet another blow to SeaWorld since the documentary Blackfish, exposing the life of Tilikum, an orca kept in…

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Kim Willis on Improving the Lives of Donkeys in Pakistan

donkeys animal welfare the brooke pakistan kim willis

Kim Willis reports for Vegan Life about how animal welfare experts at the Brooke are improving the lives of donkeys in Pakistan   Donkeys are used for manual labour in developing countries because they work until they collapse. To understand why Pakistan’s poorest mining communities overwork their donkeys, you have to first understand the situation…

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In Conversation With… Robert Grillo Author Of Farm To Fable

We spoke to Robert Grillo, the author of Farm To Fable: The Fictions Of Our Animal-Consuming Culture, about how our culture dictates our food choices and what the future holds for vegans. Tell us about your journey to veganism.   It was prompted by the trauma I felt from seeing investigative footage in hatcheries. I…

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Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Adopt a Dog

Rescue Dog

Vegan Life gives you the top ten reasons why you should adopt and re-home a dog instead of buying a puppy.   Companionship with an animal is a strong, sacred bond and the special relationship which exists between human and dog is a rewarding and gratifying one; adoption can change your life, as well as…

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Lauralee Blanchard – Trading the Rat Race for Paradise


Laurelee Blanchard talks to us about why she left California to pursue her dream of saving animals in Maui   Laurelee has an incredible story to tell. Her upcoming book, Finding Paradise: Leilani Farm Sanctuary of Maui, is an emotional and truly compelling tale of her lifelong commitment to animal advocacy. Her astonishing book is…

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Stephen Balfour on the Power of Positive Feedback

positive feedback

Stephen Balfour muses on different kinds of advocacy and the importance of providing positive feedback in the vegan community   In the dim and distant past I spent a few summers driving a taxi on Nantucket Island in the USA. If you’ve never heard of Nantucket, the Island was inspiration for the book Moby Dick…

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Spare a Thought – The Exploitation of Reindeer

Vegan Life investigates the cruel exploitation of the beloved reindeer   For hundreds of years we have celebrated Christmas and there is a certain magic surrounding the end of December. Images of children making a snowman, Christmas trees dressed in gold and red sparkling in a window and, of course, Father Christmas flying through the…

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