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Global Climate Action Week kicks off – will you be marching?


Global Climate Action Week kicks off – will you be marching?

Global Climate Strike

Today, Friday 20th September 2019, 1pm, marks the first day in Global Climate Action Week, taking place the world round until 27th September   Non-profit organisations, Youth Strike for Climate and Friday’s For Future, supported by the Extinction Rebellion, are calling upon anyone and everyone to join in the fight against climate change, by taking…

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Greta Thunberg to travel to Climate Summit in solar panel boat

Greta Thunberg

In-keeping with her strong vegan ethics, Greta is sailing to major UN conferences      After previously stating that she might not be able to make the upcoming UN Climate Action Summit, or the Santiago Climate Change Conference (COP25) young climate activist, Greta Thunberg, has revealed that she will be attending the two events.  …

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Earliest Earth Overshoot Day Yet

Earth Overshoot Day 2019

In 2019, we’re pushing our planet to the max    Yesterday marked Earth Overshoot Day – the day that charts when humanity has used up the Earth’s ecological budget for the year. It’s the date that our ecological footprint – how much we demand from nature – exceeds what the planet can regenerate for an…

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How Veganism Changed My Life – Shola Arewa

Raw vegan Shola Arewa discovered that it’s never too late for a fresh start There is nothing quite like seeing an animal cut in half the ‘wrong way’ to make you reconsider your eating habits. I suppose most of us have seen animals cut in half lengthways, nose to tail, being carried into butchers’ shops.…

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Vegan Charity Viva! Bring Back MooFree May (and you can take part)

Moo Free May

Following the success of their 2018 MooFree May initiative, the vegan charity Viva! are back for another month of action. Viva! wants to educate the public about the health, animal welfare and environmental motivations for going dairy-free, using social media and outreach events as a way of getting the message out there.  Their campaign aims…

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Iceland’s palm oil advert chosen as the most effective ad of 2018

UK supermarket Iceland, released an advert in 2018 looking at the deforestation of orangutan habitats for palm oil, having previously pledged to remove it from their own-brand products. The advert was banned from national television, but picked up a huge amount of attention, not only because it was refused air time on TV, but also…

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16-year old environmentalist nominated for Nobel peace prize

Great Thunberg has been nominated for a Nobel peace prize, in light of her inspiring actions in speaking out about climate change. Today marks the biggest day of strike action, encouraging children around the world to miss school for the day and protest against the lack of focus on the environmental crisis we are in,…

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A fifth of EU budget spent on livestock farming, new research reveals

A new evaluation of how public money is used via the EU’s common agricultural policy (CAP), has found that 63 per cent of arable land within the EU is used to produce animal feed rather than food for human consumption. CAP sees farmers get subsidies, and this is dependent on the farm size, along with…

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Veganuary 2019 kicks off with a call on UK parliament to try vegan this January

There’s not long left of 2018, and ahead of January, important ‘try vegan’ charity, Veganuary, are starting to unveil their campaigns for the month     Over the years, more than 250,000 people from an astounding 193 different countries have tried the month-long vegan pledge. Excitingly, Veganuary predict that by the end of January 2019,…

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Iceland make waves with banned palm oil advert

By now, you’ll have seen the recently banned Iceland advert, drawing attention to the issue of palm oil.   The advert focuses on the destruction its production causes to rainforests, and the effects this has on orangutans. But long before the advert came to light, palm oil has been a huge environmental issue. We take…

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Vegan Myths: Avocados aren’t vegan

If you haven’t heard the ‘news’ that’s been circulating the vegan network and social media, it’s likely that you will stumble across it soon.   The recent hiatus has been focused mostly on the millennial-favourite, the avocado, but has also condemned almonds, kiwis, and several other fruits and vegetables, claiming that they are not vegan.…

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