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RSPCA Announce Michael Gove as Politician of the Year, Despite Increasing Badger Culls


Morrisons Reintroduces Paper Grocery Bags to Replace Single-Use Plastic

UK supermarket Morrisons has reintroduced paper grocery bags to replace plastic, in efforts to tackle the problem of single-use plastic. The paper bags will be available for customers to use for fresh fruit and vegetables, and customers are encouraged to bring in their own containers for other delicatessen counters in stores. The supermarket have said…

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Stella McCartney Fights River Thames Plastic

We are all becoming more aware of just how much plastic pollution is impacting our environment, with many of us taking positive steps towards reducing our plastic usage. However, this does not change the fact that despite our best efforts to recycle everything we can, a staggering 8 million tonnes of our plastic waste ends…

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World Cup Sausage Foul

In lieu of the 2018 World Cup that kicked off in Russia yesterday, Berlin based nutrition retailer nu3 has released some impelling data that reveals just how much football fans’ sausage consumption will impact our environment during the FIFA World Cup this year. By analysing match attendee’s average sausage consumption per game in one of…

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One in Five UK Mammals at Risk of Extinction

red squirrel

One in five of UK mammals are at risk of extinction, according to new research from the Mammal Society and Natural England. The red squirrel, wildcat and the grey long-eared bat are among 12 species added to a ‘red list’ for wild mammals in the UK. Multiple factors are contributing to this statistic, with climate…

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Animal Agriculture is Killing Native Animals in South America

A new report has found that animal agriculture is killing native animals in South America. The report titled The Avoidable Crisis, found that in the Gran Chaco area that is home to wild animals such as jaguars, screaming hairy armadillo and giant anteater, the land is extensively being cleared for soy farming that will be…

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Krill Industry Exposed in New Greenpeace Report

The krill industry has been exposed in a new report published by Greenpeace, and stockists are removing krill products from their shelves. UK health and beauty chain Boots has removed their products from sale, and items include krill oil as a health supplement both under their own brand and from third party brands. Krill is…

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World Health Organisation Looking into Microplastics in Drinking Water

The World Health Organisation (WHO) are launching an investigation into the presence of microplastics in bottled drinking water following the report that Orb Media found plastic particles in major brands of bottled water. Currently there is no understanding of the implications to human health regarding the ingestion of microplastics from bottled water, however, WHO are…

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Tigers Could Vanish From a Third of Protected Areas

A new report from WWF (World Wildlife Fund) has shed light on the pressures that face the protected areas that tigers live in. The report, which focuses on Southeast Asia, reveals that better management and more funding is needed to ensure that tigers remain protected in their natural environment. A hundred years ago there was…

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Taiwan Eradicating All Single-Use Plastic by 2030

Taiwan are eradicating all single-use plastic by 2030 in efforts to improve the conditions of the oceans and preserve marine life. The decision to stop using single use plastic was made by Taiwan’s Environmental Protection Administration (EPA). The first stage of the ban comes into force next year, with food and drink outlets not being…

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Yolande And Andrew – Taste Of Self Sufficiency

Sylvia Smith meets Yolande and Andrew, a self-sufficient couple growing their own fruits and vegetables without animal by-products   Every morning brings a fresh surprise whether it is a formerly crook-back, slender stem that has straightened up or a tightly packed bud that has flung itself open — there is always something new to see…

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