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World Health Organisation Looking into Microplastics in Drinking Water


World Health Organisation Looking into Microplastics in Drinking Water

The World Health Organisation (WHO) are launching an investigation into the presence of microplastics in bottled drinking water following the report that Orb Media found plastic particles in major brands of bottled water. Currently there is no understanding of the implications to human health regarding the ingestion of microplastics from bottled water, however, WHO are…

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Tigers Could Vanish From a Third of Protected Areas

A new report from WWF (World Wildlife Fund) has shed light on the pressures that face the protected areas that tigers live in. The report, which focuses on Southeast Asia, reveals that better management and more funding is needed to ensure that tigers remain protected in their natural environment. A hundred years ago there was…

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Taiwan Eradicating All Single-Use Plastic by 2030

Taiwan are eradicating all single-use plastic by 2030 in efforts to improve the conditions of the oceans and preserve marine life. The decision to stop using single use plastic was made by Taiwan’s Environmental Protection Administration (EPA). The first stage of the ban comes into force next year, with food and drink outlets not being…

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Yolande And Andrew – Taste Of Self Sufficiency

Sylvia Smith meets Yolande and Andrew, a self-sufficient couple growing their own fruits and vegetables without animal by-products   Every morning brings a fresh surprise whether it is a formerly crook-back, slender stem that has straightened up or a tightly packed bud that has flung itself open — there is always something new to see…

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Polar Bears Could Face Extinction Sooner Than Predicted

Polar bears could face extinction sooner than predicted according to a new study published by the journal Science. Researchers spent three years studying nine bears with collars on and recording their activity. The results found that the bears were struggling to find food as a result of melting ice and climate change. Polar Bears’ prey…

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SubmergedUK: Climate Change Campaign

We spoke to artist Lauren Darn about her photographic campaign SubmergedUK, which encourages people to think about the effects that climate change and rising water levels will have on low-lying towns and cities in the UK. Tell us about SubmergedUK: “SubmergedUK is an original photographic climate change campaign which uses visualisations of a flooded Britain…

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Invasive Species that Call the UK their Home

invasive native species UK home

Vegan Life looks at the invasive species that call the UK their home and the impact that they have on our native species   Our ocean planet is speckled with islands and the ever-changing nature of Earth means that new islands are being created and destroyed as the Earth’s techtonic plates snail towards, against or…

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Should We Switch? – The Pros and Cons of Electric Cars.

electric car

Should we be making the switch when it comes to our vehicles? We take a look at the pros and cons of electric cars.   Since the Great Smog of 1952, which killed 4,000 Londoners in just five days, air pollution has been linked to a shortened lifespan. Over 60 years later and air pollution…

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What are the Effects of Artificial Light Pollution on the Environment?

light pollution

Vegan Life touches on the subject of artificial light pollution and the effects that it has on the environment and ourselves   There’s something comforting about the idea of taking a moment to sit beneath the moon and stars. Sometimes it feels like semi-darkness darkness has the power to cure a multitude of toxic thoughts.…

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Katie Chabriere on Palm Oil and Veganism’s link to Conservation

neotropical primate conservation

Vegan Life spoke to Katie Chabriere, a trustee of the Neotropical Primate Conservation, and she talked to us about Palm Oil and the link between veganism and conservation   Palm oil. A word that for most people conjures up the image of an emaciated orangutan, homeless in a razed Malaysian wasteland that used to be…

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Writer Dixe Willis on Writing, Veganism, and Travel


We spoke to writer Dixe Willis about the best way to travel, veganism, and his latest edition of ‘Tiny Campsites’   “No travel is completely eco-friendly. You’re going to damage things whatever you do, but I try to do as little damage as I possibly can. My preferred transport is train and bicycle – certainly…

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