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Should We Switch? – The Pros and Cons of Electric Cars.


Should We Switch? – The Pros and Cons of Electric Cars.

electric car

Should we be making the switch when it comes to our vehicles? We take a look at the pros and cons of electric cars.   Since the Great Smog of 1952, which killed 4,000 Londoners in just five days, air pollution has been linked to a shortened lifespan. Over 60 years later and air pollution…

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What are the Effects of Artificial Light Pollution on the Environment?

light pollution

Vegan Life touches on the subject of artificial light pollution and the effects that it has on the environment and ourselves   There’s something comforting about the idea of taking a moment to sit beneath the moon and stars. Sometimes it feels like semi-darkness darkness has the power to cure a multitude of toxic thoughts.…

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Katie Chabriere on Palm Oil and Veganism’s link to Conservation

neotropical primate conservation

Vegan Life spoke to Katie Chabriere, a trustee of the Neotropical Primate Conservation, and she talked to us about Palm Oil and the link between veganism and conservation   Palm oil. A word that for most people conjures up the image of an emaciated orangutan, homeless in a razed Malaysian wasteland that used to be…

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Writer Dixe Willis on Writing, Veganism, and Travel


We spoke to writer Dixe Willis about the best way to travel, veganism, and his latest edition of ‘Tiny Campsites’   “No travel is completely eco-friendly. You’re going to damage things whatever you do, but I try to do as little damage as I possibly can. My preferred transport is train and bicycle – certainly…

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How to Integrate Zero Waste Principles into Your Life


We give you some tips on advice on how you can gradually make the change and introduce ‘zero waste’ into your life   We live in a throwaway society. As part of the endless cycle of consumerism, landfills sites are overflowing with rubbish, and incinerators keep burning. But a book published in 2013 – Zero…

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Ocean Warriors: Sea Shepherd on Marine Conservation

  We talk to marine conservation charity Sea Shepherd about working towards ending the destruction of habitats and the slaughter of wildlife     Not many charities would use a skull and cross bone for their logo. But then there are a lot of things Sea Shepherd does differently to everyone else. With stories about…

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Ian McDonald – Creator of Podcast ‘The Vegan Option’

Vegan Life talks to BBC-trained radio producer Ian McDonald on his podcast ‘The Vegan Option’ about bringing veganism to the radio.   “Our lifetimes may turn out to be the biggest step forward for animal ethics for centuries. One day, someone will produce our history too.” So says Ian McDonald, BBC-trained radio producer and creator…

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5 Zero-Waste Tips for Vegans

These five super simple tips will make a big difference in helping you towards minimising the amount of waste you throw away.   In America there’s approximately 254 million tonnes of waste per year. That’s enough to stretch to the moon and back 25 times. Following a vegan and plant-based diet already cuts down on…

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Images of Agriculture – Consumers and Modern Farming

agriculture consumers modern farming

How critical are non-vegan consumers of the meat industry and modern farming? Vegan Life looks at this topic and how activism can help       Earlier this year supermarket giants faced ridicule when it was revealed they had created phoney farm names to make their produce appeal to consumers. Tesco created no fewer than…

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Sunder – The Story of One Indian Elephant’s Fight for Freedom

Sunder the elephant became well-known after footage of him being abused was leaked online. Vegan Life looks at how Sunder got his freedom.     Living alone in filthy, cramped conditions, and trapped by the spiked chain around his leg, young Indian elephant Sunder’s life was far from luxurious. Without any proper knowledge of how…

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Thousands of Animals Rescued from Earthquake Devastation in Ecuador


Photojournalist John Keeble reports from Ecuador about the thousands of animals that needed rescuing after the April 2016 earthquake   On April 16 [2016] Ecuador was hit by a powerful earthquake. The 7.8 magnitude quake turned the costal Tarqui area from a bustling beach town into little more than rubble.   Destruction spread far and…

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