Who is Jordi Casamitjana?

Jordi Casamitjana ethical veganism

As we near a historical hearing at the Employment Tribunal about the discrimination of ethical vegans, we find out more about the man behind this landmark case for veganism   You’ll likely have heard about Jordi Casamitjana and his legal case against the League Against Cruel Sports (LACS). Jordi claims that he was sacked by…

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Mushroom and Chicken-Style Burger

Mushroom and Chicken-Style Burger 1

Ingredients 2 packets Fry’s Chicken-Style Burgers Olive oil for brushing 8 large mushrooms Pineapple, peeled and sliced A handful of baby spinach, to serve Vegan cheese Tomato, sliced For the pesto 20g (1 cup) fresh basil 25g (1 cup) wild rocket 40g (¼ cup) roasted cashews 35g (¼ cup) pine nuts 120ml (½ cup) olive…

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Global Climate Action Week kicks off – will you be marching?

Global Climate Strike

Today, Friday 20th September 2019, 1pm, marks the first day in Global Climate Action Week, taking place the world round until 27th September   Non-profit organisations, Youth Strike for Climate and Friday’s For Future, supported by the Extinction Rebellion, are calling upon anyone and everyone to join in the fight against climate change, by taking…

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Greta Thunberg to travel to Climate Summit in solar panel boat

Greta Thunberg

In-keeping with her strong vegan ethics, Greta is sailing to major UN conferences      After previously stating that she might not be able to make the upcoming UN Climate Action Summit, or the Santiago Climate Change Conference (COP25) young climate activist, Greta Thunberg, has revealed that she will be attending the two events.  …

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Vegan Life Meets Karris McCulloch

Vegan Life Meets Karris McCulloch 3

‘Once you make the connection everything starts to fall into place’ In 2013 Karris McCulloch and husband Scott launched TheVeganKind – an entirely vegan business that aims to help make veganism mainstream. Customers can subscribe to a monthly Lifestyle Box filled with a range of healthy food and drinks, sweet treats and snacks, and a…

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The Brains Behind… PHB Ethical Beauty

The Brains Behind... PHB Ethical Beauty 4

Rose Brown and family set up PHB when they realised just how many beauty and cosmetics products weren’t cruelty-free PHB Ethical Beauty is home to the world’s largest range of natural and vegan beauty products, with stores in five countries and products sold in over fifteen. The company was started by 24-year-old British entrepreneur Rose…

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Grow Vegan Organically

Grow Vegan Organically 5

An introduction to vegan organic gardening by Ellen Percival What is vegan organic growing? As a reader of Vegan Life you’ll more than likely be familiar with what vegan means, but what you might be less aware of is that a lot of food growers fertilise their plants with animal by-products, for instance, fertilisers derived…

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Hail Seitan!

Hail Seitan! 7

The wonder of wheat meat When people overhear groups of vegans enthusiastically discussing seitan (pronounced say-tan), they could be forgiven for thinking that they’re part of some bizarre satanic cult that forbids the use of any animal products. But it’s seitan, not satan that vegans are interested in. That’s not to say there definitely aren’t…

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Earliest Earth Overshoot Day Yet

Earth Overshoot Day 2019

In 2019, we’re pushing our planet to the max    Yesterday marked Earth Overshoot Day – the day that charts when humanity has used up the Earth’s ecological budget for the year. It’s the date that our ecological footprint – how much we demand from nature – exceeds what the planet can regenerate for an…

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Plant Power Protein

Plant Power Protein 8

Joe Jackson on why we need protein and which plant foods provide the most Anyone who chooses to follow a plant-based diet is probably all too familiar with the question “where do you get your protein?” The mind automatically jumps to animal products when thinking about the answer to this question, whether it be the…

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Vegan Badass

Vegan Badass 10

Meet strongman Patrik Baboumian This issue we’re taking a look at protein, and exploring protein-packed ‘wheat meat’ seitan, so we thought we better talk to a super-strong leviathan of a human who also happens to be vegan – just to finally put to bed the common misconception that you can’t be strong, muscular, or athletic…

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The Fight to End the Dog Meat Trade

The Fight to End the Dog Meat Trade 13

‘Think occasionally of the suffering of which you spare yourself the sight ’ – Albert Schweitzer As I write, one of my beloved dogs, a golden Labrador named Star, is under my desk. A gentle stroke of her head and she falls into a secure slumber. Meanwhile, countless dogs across Asia are trapped in fear-filled…

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