Optimising Performance for Vegan Athletes

rishi kumar nursimloo sports nutrition athletic athlete vegan

With more athletes following a vegan diet, Rishi Kumar Nursimloo explains sports nutrition and optimising performance     Veganism is constantly growing and the increased prevalence is now crossing over into professional sports, where we are seeing more athletes following a vegan diet. From the average gym goer to professional athletes, we all want to…

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Your Guide To Transitioning To A Vegan Lifestyle

Your Guide To Transitioning To A Vegan Lifestyle 1

By Leanne Jenna Know why you’re doing it, but don’t get too attached to that   People come to veganism for all sorts of different reasons. I initially became vegan because I felt passionately that I could no longer contribute to the harm inflicted on animals, while my partner initially became vegan for health reasons.…

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Eating For Two

Eating For Two 2

Vegan Mum Emily talks to us about her first vegan pregnancy When I found out I was pregnant again, I felt a mix of anxiousness and excitement, and I was a little scared. Before going vegan I’d been vegetarian for over twenty years, and I’d been through a very complicated pregnancy during that time. The…

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How to Veganise Milk – Issue 9

How to Veganise Milk - Issue 9 10

We give you a guide for just some of the different ingredients that can be used to substitute cow’s milk and how to use them   For many people, milk is one of the last products they give up on the road to veganism. Whether splashed in your cuppa, or drizzled in a recipe, it…

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