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Meat-free school dinners coming to France

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Meat-free school dinners coming to France

school girl holding pepper

Schools in France will provide at least one meat-free meal a week   From 1st November, French schools will be required by law to serve up at least one completely meatless lunch per week.   The news comes after an agricultural and food law that was originally passed in 2018 – after a long wait,…

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UK protein brand Oatein launch deliciously vegan, zero-sugar snack 

A vegan treat that’s packed with protein, zero-sugar, and inspired by millionaire’s shortcake… what’s not to love?   Following their success on the Dragons’ Den in January 2019, Oatein co-founders Andy Dixon and John Paul Gardner began developing their new vegan product, the ‘Millionaire Crunch’ after their enlightening exchange with the Dragons.   A fresh…

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Major London borough has banned sale of fur

Islington ban fur

We’re one baby step closer to a fur free Britain   Islington has become the first borough in London to prohibit the sale of fur, after the council voted for the ban yesterday afternoon. The meeting’s Chair said: “The cruelty can no longer continue.”   The new law will see the sale of fur prohibited…

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Vegan Burger restaurant tricks Meatopia-goers

halo burger

Burger buzz as vegan patty wins over meat-eaters   Last weekend, London-based Halo Burger, the 100 per cent vegan burger restaurant, tricked 300 carnivorous Meatopia attendees into eating a completely plant-based burger, and the results were just as vegans in the know would expect. Every single meat eater loved it.   To document the evidence,…

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Hair salons finally embracing the power of plants

GA Salon herbal haircare

Are herbal and organic hair treatments the future? GA Salons thinks so   In our sadly, still predominantly non-vegan world, it can be difficult to find a hair salon that offers plant-based and organic hair treatments and products that are environmentally-friendly, and have also not been tested on animals.   And, all too often, the…

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Vevolution Festival to return to London’s Southbank

vevolution vegan festival

The festival that aims to inspire plant-powered positive change is coming back   Now in its fourth year, Vevolution Festival is due to return to the BFI (London Southbank) on Saturday 16th November 2019, and it is set to be the biggest one yet.   Vevolution Festival has become renowned for giving inspiring talks, panel…

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Crowdfunding the Film the Meat Industry Doesn’t Want You to See

Following their successful Hogwood Farm campaign,Vegan charity, Viva!, are crowdfunding for new doc to expose modern farming practices   Narrated by Jerome Flynn, from successful TV series Game of Thrones, the ground-breaking documentary will tell the truth about Hogwood Farm – once and for all.     Earlier this month, animal welfare charity Viva! published…

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Veganuary calling for free plant-milk in coffee shops

free plant-milk

Why should ‘climate-conscious customers’ pay more?   If you ever buy a coffee when you’re out and about, you’ll know how annoying it is when you’re made to pay extra to opt out of dairy, and instead have almond, soya, oat or coconut-milk. Today, Veganuary is calling on all coffee chains to drop this ridiculous…

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Iceland mourns its first glacier lost to climate change

Icelandic glacier melts

It’s happened – the loss of a glacier in Iceland, formerly known as the Okjökull glacier   It is the first in the country to be lost, which scientists are blaming on global warming, with warnings that others will follow in the years to come.   In 2014, Okjökull was officially stripped of its glacier…

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by CHLOE to launch sizzling new vegan ‘Bacon’ Cheezeburger

by CHLOE vegan bacon cheezeburger

Fuel yourself for the weekend – with the newest by CHLOE burger     Have you ever been told that vegans miss out on or can’t enjoy ‘proper burgers’?   Well, we all know that’s not true – there’s an expansive array of delicious plant-based patties that more than satisfy.   And this National Burger…

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Carluccio’s answers our prayers with Italian-inspired Vegan Croissants

Carluccio’s Introduces New Vegan Croissants with an Italian Twist

 Vegan croissants? Yes, please!   Across the nation – breakfast just got sweeter, with Carluccio’s new plant-based sourdough croissants.     Not only will these tasty pastries be welcomed by vegans, but anyone looking to enjoy the flakiest of French delights with their morning coffee.   Freshly baked in-store from 14th August, enjoy a Croissant…

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MUA cosmetics to go 100 per cent vegan

MUA vegan cosmetics

Another beauty brand is going vegan     British cosmetics brand MUA has announced every product in its collection will be completely vegan from 1st November, the start of World Vegan Month.   The exciting news follows the brand’s promise announced earlier this year, of working towards the goal.  Since then, all new product launches…

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