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Zac Efron urges fans to donate to animal rescue efforts after California’s Woolsey and Hill fires

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Iceland make waves with banned palm oil advert

By now, you’ll have seen the recently banned Iceland advert, drawing attention to the issue of palm oil.   The advert focuses on the destruction its production causes to rainforests, and the effects this has on orangutans. But long before the advert came to light, palm oil has been a huge environmental issue. We take…

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London welcomes its first ever zero-waste vegan Christmas market

Christmas is a magical time of year, but our excessive festive spending, consuming and wasting, has a massive impact on our planet.   For the first time ever, the Zero Waste Christmas Market will be held in London, which hopes to combat some of the surplus that results from the festive season. A 2017 study found…

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Vegan Power-lifter, Glenda Presutti, Smashes Records in Brisbane

At a recent all-women’s meet in Brisbane, Australia, 62 year-old vegan, Glenda Presutti, gave a powerful performance   Instead of choosing to enter into her own age category, Glenda took part in the Open category, which comprises women of all ages. Despite suffering from recent injuries, Glenda went beyond even her own expectations at the…

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Christmas is coming, with the launch of vegan Mince Pie Dough Bites

It’s official: the Christmas hype has begun. Festive adverts have started showing on television, flyers for vegan-Christmas fayres are all over town, and Christmas desserts are on the rise.   This month, the mince pie is getting a makeover, as award-winning doughnut brand Crosstown launches its new Mince Pie flavour, along with a Winter Fruit…

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Waitrose and Ocado are the top stores for online vegan food shopping

It has been revealed that Waitrose and Ocado are the best UK supermarkets for shopping for vegan food online.   The study, led by eCommerce analytics platform, analysed product listings across the online sites of the top UK supermarkets, to reveal which of the stores have the widest range of plant-based food products. Among those…

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Are you getting enough vitamin D in winter?

As winter nears, Rishi Nursimloo reports on the importance of vitamin D       What is vitamin D and why is it important? Vitamin D (known as calciferol) is a fat soluble vitamin, which means that your body can store extra amounts of vitamin D for long periods of time. It is responsible for…

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Not enough vegan chefs to meet demand

One in eight Britons are vegan or vegetarian, according to a recent report by Waitrose     With a surge of people following a plant-based diet, and a growing group of curious non-vegans wanting to try vegan food, restaurants are struggling to recruit enough chefs skilled in plant-based cooking. To help meet demand, a new…

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Ten Ways to Keep Animals Safe and Happy on Bonfire Night

Remember, remember the 5th of November – but don’t forget your animal friends   Every autumn, people in their thousands wrap-up warm and step out into the night to marvel at gasp-worthy firework displays. Although we’re aware that fireworks are for pleasure, and are (for the most part) not dangerous, animals have no way of…

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Happy World Vegan Day!

Today is a day for vegans worldwide to rejoice in their values and on the ever-increasing number of people cutting out meat in their diets. Here at Vegan Life, we thought we’d take a moment to present you with some newly found figures worth celebrating.     Veganism has jumped leaps and bounds in the…

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WWF Report Shows Shocking Levels of Wildlife Destruction

Worrying new information has been brought to light, after a recent study conducted by WWF.   The report has found  that since 1970, 60 per cent of animal populations have been wiped out as a direct impact of humanity. In the wake of these figures, and with World Vegan Day fast approaching, it’s useful to…

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