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Martin Whybrow: How Gleaning Can Reduce Food Waste


Martin Whybrow: How Gleaning Can Reduce Food Waste

Martin Whybrow reports on why gleaning is one of the best ways to reduce the amount of food waste we produce.   An ever-growing army of volunteers is heading out this summer to fields and orchards across the country to tackle farm waste. Martin Whybrow reports on why it is needed and how to get…

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Justine de Jonge: Why Travel Is A Lot Like Being Vegan

Justine de Jonge writes for Vegan Life about why she compares the journey to being vegan to the journey of travelling the world.   Living as a vegan in this world is a journey in itself. We are all travelling along a path, and that path doesn’t always lead us to one destination. Being in…

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Alexandra Paul: Married To A Meat Eater

Actress and activist Alexandra Paul writes about her husband and what it’s like as a vegan being married to someone who eats meat.   I am crazy in love with my husband.  We have been together for 18 amazing years, and my mother teases me, “Is Ian still perfect?”  and I respond, “Yes, he is”. …

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Alexandra Paul: How To Read A Food Label 

Actress, activist and wellness coach Alexandra Paul tells you how to skip the jargon on food labels and head straight to the nutrition   I recently began reading food labels more closely than simply calorie numbers and the list of ingredients.  Those labels have so many claims on the front and so many numbers on…

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