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MUA cosmetics to go 100 per cent vegan


MUA cosmetics to go 100 per cent vegan

MUA vegan cosmetics

Another beauty brand is going vegan     British cosmetics brand MUA has announced every product in its collection will be completely vegan from 1st November, the start of World Vegan Month.   The exciting news follows the brand’s promise announced earlier this year, of working towards the goal.  Since then, all new product launches…

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How to Veganise: Eggs

A guide to replacing eggs in your cooking and baking Eggs are a staple ingredient in a lot of non-vegan cooking and baking – in fact, it’s hard to think of classic cake recipes from your pre-vegan days that don’t call for a few eggs. They always seem to be part of a cooked breakfast,…

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Vegan Life chats to artist and animal advocate, Vita Sleigh

Vegan Art

Artist Vita Sleigh explores how animal rights advocacy is inseparable from other social justice issues   I was lucky enough to be raised vegan. I always had a strong connection and empathy for animals, and my veganism was very special and important to me.   As I got older, I found that my views on…

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The vegan scene is blossoming in Johannesburg

vegan in johannesburg

Vegan Travel in South Africa   Richard Kitzinger and Beverley Smith check out two of the vegan cafés leading the way in Johannesburg’s growing vegan sector   South Africans acknowledge that global trends can often take two or three years to reach them. The huge swell in numbers of vegans is just starting to take…

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Vegan ‘Imposter Burger’ hits KFC

KFC launches trial vegan burger

KFC have announced that they will be trialling a vegan burger   For the first time ever, KFC will be testing out a ‘chicken’ burger suitable for vegans. The trial period will take place for four weeks from 17th June, and will feature across select restaurants in London, Bristol and the Midlands.      …

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The Easy Vegan Guide to Protein

It’s time to return to the age-old ‘mystery’… At some point in your vegan journey, you’ve probably been asked that question: ‘Where do you get your protein?’ – it’s as annoying a query, as it is easy to provide a myriad of answers to. The answer is, from so much that we eat everyday as…

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THIS Isn’t Chicken Nuggets and Isn’t Bacon Launching at Patty & Bun

Patty & Bun are increasing their vegan offerings across all their sites and partnering with innovative plant-based brand, THIS, to bring vegan ‘chicken’ and ‘bacon’ to everyone   The fast-food chain, Patty & Bun, will be the first UK eatery to serve THIS Isn’t Chicken and Isn’t Bacon. The new products were designed to fill…

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Study reveals that 45% of vegans feel discriminated against at work

Vegan in the workplace   In the last few months, veganism has definitely taken the world by a storm, with multitudes of plant-based product and restaurant launches, and an increasing amount of people identifying as vegan.   However, it seems that in some major areas of everyday life, veganism is still not completely accepted, with…

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Frankie & Benny’s set to extend vegan menu

The family-friendly restaurant chain, Frankie & Benny’s, is adding to its vegan offerings, with the introduction of seven new plant-based dishes, which will be available from 14th May.     Back in January, the eatery had a successful vegan menu launch, and since then, customers have only been asking them for more plant-based options to…

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Take away chicken nuggets launched by What The Pitta

Vegan eatery What The Pitta have announced that they will be adding Vegan Nuggets to their branches nationwide – making them the first chain to bring the offering to the UK takeaway market.     The restaurant has beaten numerous big-name fast-food chains to launch the plant-based nugget, including the likes of McDonald’s and KFC.…

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McDonald’s Germany announce their first vegan burger

The Big Vegan is set to hit McDonald’s in Germany, featuring Nestle’s innovative plant-based Incredible Burger   The new soy and wheat patty is said to look just like a beef patty when uncooked, similar in texture to the Beyond Burger, and will pack 17g of plant-based protein per serving – just as much as…

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