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Sainsbury’s Placing Vegan ‘Meat’ in the Meat Aisle – Is It the Right Thing to Do?


ASOS Updated Animal Welfare Policy Includes Silk, Mohair and More


Online retailer Asos have updated their animal welfare policy and added silk, mohair, cashmere, shells, teeth, animal bones and horns, and feathers and down to their policy. The new policy will come into effect in full from January 2019, and products will no longer be sold on the site. In a statement shared with just-style,…

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Stella McCartney Fights River Thames Plastic

We are all becoming more aware of just how much plastic pollution is impacting our environment, with many of us taking positive steps towards reducing our plastic usage. However, this does not change the fact that despite our best efforts to recycle everything we can, a staggering 8 million tonnes of our plastic waste ends…

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California Passes Cruelty-Free Cosmetics Act

The California senate has passed the California Cruelty-Free Cosmetics Act (SB1249) in a 21 to 9 vote. The state is another step closer to becoming the first state to ban the sale of animal-tested cosmetics. The bill was introduced to Senator Cathleen Galgiani and it was sponsored by the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM)…

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Stepping into Cruelty Free Fashion

An interview with bespoke shoe-maker Anita Neilson   Anita Neilson is a commercial photographer, writer, has just completed a PhD and as if that is not enough, last year began making bespoke vegan shoes. Anita has always loved various forms of crafting and regularly designs and makes her own clothes but making shoes isn’t exactly…

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Vegan Beauty and Fashion Listed as Top Trend to Invest in by Vogue

Vegan beauty and fashion has been listed as a top trend to invest in by Vogue Australia. In the list of top ten trends, vegan fashion and beauty is listed as the third trend for people to invest in, with suggested products to purchase. The products included are a faux leather burgundy purse from The…

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No Meat Nomad in Lanzarote

By Emma Clarkson My first impression of Lanzarote, owing to the recent rains, was that this place is like a cross between Scotland and Mars. If you forget the fact that all of the 32 mountains are actually volcanoes (sleepy ones) then to me this place really feels like Scotland or possibly England’s Lake District.…

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New Vegan Self-Tanning Water Available in UK Shops

A new vegan self-tanning water is available in UK shops, changing the way that people use self-tanning products. A review on Vogue UK described the product as leaving “a glow that didn’t smell, hadn’t streaked and left me feeling devastatingly glowy.” The brand, Isle of Paradise also makes self-tanning drops, which are used for the…

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Eating Out at Stem and Glory

Vegan Life reviews the plant based food at Stem and Glory’s two Cambridge locations   Stem and Glory have two locations in Cambridge — its Chesterton Rd branch is very much a restaurant, whilst King Street is a more relaxed café-like atmosphere which you can pop into for a coffee and a small plate or…

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9 of the Best Natural Vegan Lipsticks

Written by Marie Hamm Free from toxic chemicals and animal ingredients, these organic, vegan lipsticks are the purest around. Consumers today are increasingly concerned with what they put on their skin, especially their lips.  You are what you eat, and research suggests that the average woman ingests at least 4lbs of lipstick over a lifetime.…

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Our Top 5 Vegan Wines From NFizz Wines

NFizz are a family establishment, based in Bristol who specialise in organic wines. You can purchase their wines from their online store, and over 80 per cent of their wines are suitable for vegans, with no animal derived ingredients included in the process or in the wines. Here are our top five wines to choose from…

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Superdrug Launches Vegan Pop-Up in Box Park

Superdrug are launching their first ever Little Vegan Pop Up Shop and it is open to customers from Wednesday 21st March. All of the products that are going to be sold are vegan and cruelty free, and are all Superdrug own brand. Veganism continues to grow, and a quick search on Instagram shows nearly 3.2…

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