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Vegan Life chats to artist and animal advocate, Vita Sleigh


Vegan Life chats to artist and animal advocate, Vita Sleigh

Vegan Art

Artist Vita Sleigh explores how animal rights advocacy is inseparable from other social justice issues   I was lucky enough to be raised vegan. I always had a strong connection and empathy for animals, and my veganism was very special and important to me.   As I got older, I found that my views on…

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Beyond Extinction with Vegan Author John Keeble

Beyond Extinction with Vegan Author John Keeble 1

Author John Keeble explains how his new book, Beyond Extinction, tackles a future where humans are a species under threat. You can download your free copy of Beyond Extinction here. On your author bio it says that you are a lifelong vegetarian/vegan. When did you go vegan and can you tell us what triggered the…

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Maria Slough on Using Imagery to Change Hearts and Minds

Maria Slough Photographer

Photographer Maria Slough talks to Vegan Life about how she’s aiming to use imagery as a way of promoting vegan values.   Maria uses words, photography and film to promote her strong vegan values across an enormous variety of media outlets. Maria is a dedicated animal ambassador and has worked closely with many animal charities;…

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SubmergedUK: Climate Change Campaign

SubmergedUK: Climate Change Campaign 4

We spoke to artist Lauren Darn about her photographic campaign SubmergedUK, which encourages people to think about the effects that climate change and rising water levels will have on low-lying towns and cities in the UK. Tell us about SubmergedUK: “SubmergedUK is an original photographic climate change campaign which uses visualisations of a flooded Britain…

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Don’t Call Me Baby

Don’t Call Me Baby 9

By Alice Griffin The man stopped at the gate to ask for milk… “Milk?” said the lady “You’re not a baby!” But the man liked milk So she sent him to the field. “Go get it from the cow then!” “From the cow?” said the man “Yes” said the lady “The cow can be your…

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This gentle earth

This gentle earth 10

By Alice Griffin This gentle earth Of rolling lands Green and blue Stretching sands Doesn’t feel so gentle In the wake Of all the spills of blood we make. This gentle earth Cries out for love And yet we crush her With much mirth Thinking, not of what we break Instead only, of what we…

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Poetry: Ellie Porter

Poetry: Ellie Porter 11

  I’m free. Free from the torture I’m free from the pain I’m outside, I can feel the rain The sun beams down I feel the grass on my hooves I run in circles I can finally move My baby isn’t here I suddenly realise I cry out for her I long to see her…

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Poetry: Ellie Porter

Poetry: Ellie Porter 12

The sun feels nice on my face Through these metal walls I close my eyes and dream I shut out the humans calls I imagine me and my baby In fields of grassy green I imagine me and my own kind In the biggest field you’ve ever seen I long for comfort and joy As…

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Vegan Artist Preston M. Smith On Turning Negativity To Creativity

Vegan Artist Preston M. Smith On Turning Negativity To Creativity 13

Los Angles vegan artist Preston M. Smith (PMS) stars in a new documentary short called Negativity To Creativity. The short is directed by Antonio Lugo-Ponce. In the documentary PMS discusses success, self-worth and resilience as well as showing the process he uses to create artwork. His new creations, called the Garbage Collection, sees the artist…

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Poetry: Hannah Gregus

Poetry: Hannah Gregus 16

I wish more than anything, I could have taken you from that truck.  To quench your thirst and heal your wounds, To somehow change your luck. Your innocent eyes still haunt me, Such despair inside that machine. -despair inside the imagine So I made you a promise that fateful day, -I made a promise to…

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Leigh Sanders and the Art of Compassion

Leigh Sanders and the Art of Compassion 17

Vegan Life talks to Leigh Sanders, organiser of the Art of Compassion project, which showcases artists who are spreading the vegan message     Over the years, vegan art has blossomed into a rapidly expanding community, with an abundance of artists producing powerful pieces depicting the harsh reality of slaughter and promoting veganism. After becoming…

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Art For The Animals

Art For The Animals 23

Can images change people’s hearts and minds? Andrew Tilsley has always seen animals as sentient, autonomous beings. Known by his peers as the local boy who cared for injured animals, his childhood was filled with disabled pigeons, abandoned rabbits and orphaned thrushes. With an equally strong passion for art, Andrew has put paint brush to paper…

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