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Sainsbury’s Placing Vegan ‘Meat’ in the Meat Aisle – Is It the Right Thing to Do?


Our Top 5 Vegan Wines From NFizz Wines

NFizz are a family establishment, based in Bristol who specialise in organic wines. You can purchase their wines from their online store, and over 80 per cent of their wines are suitable for vegans, with no animal derived ingredients included in the process or in the wines. Here are our top five wines to choose from…

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5 things we learnt about the UK’s first ‘bleeding’ burger

'bleeding' burger

Last night, we were invited along to the press launch of the UK’s first ‘bleeding burger. The US may have been at the ‘bleeding’ game for a while with brands Beyond Meat and The Impossible Burger changing perceptions about the potential for vegan food across the States, but this side of the Atlantic, we’ve been…

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Best Vegan and Cruelty-Free Beauty Subscription Boxes

vegan cruelty-free beauty subscription boxes

We give you a selection of the best beauty subscription boxes that provide vegan and cruelty-free products   Editor’s Pick – The Vegan Kind Beauty Box — £18.15 for one box (including p&p) The Vegan Kind Beauty Box is not a monthly subscription box and therefore you pay per box. You can subscribe for one box,…

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Best Subscription Boxes for Foodies

vegan snack boxes subscription

We give you a list of the best food subscription boxes that give you monthly doses of delicious vegan snacks   Editor’s Pick – The Really Good Box — £20 a month (free p&p) This box is really very good. It is a holistic box with a bit of everything included for the ethical consumer.…

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5 Benefits that Explain the Popularity of Plastic Packaging

By Mohan Naik Every industry is extremely reliant on product packaging. This is especially true for the food industry, as it is extremely important for food and other consumable products to be packed in materials that do not compromise the integrity and quality of the product within it. When it comes to food packaging, plastic packaging…

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A Guide to Egg Replacements in Vegan Cooking and Baking


We give you a quick and easy guide on the egg replacements that you can use to make your cooking and baking vegan   Eggs are a pretty staple ingredient in a lot of non-vegan cooking and baking – in fact it’s hard to think of cake recipes from your pre-vegan days that don’t call…

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Four Reasons To Use Cruelty-Free, Vegan Beauty Products

Vegan fashion is changing and most people are now aware of the animal products that they need to avoid when shopping for clothing. What about make up and beauty products? We give you four reasons to use cruelty-free, vegan beauty products. Animal testing is cruel Animal testing is a word we often hear, but how…

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Quorn products officially registered as vegan

Alternative meat producer Quorn, has registered its entire Vegan Range with the Vegan Trademark, calling the logo the “cherry on top” of a very successful launch. Some of the products have been available throughout the UK since October 2016 but the new registration gives extra credibility and assurance to consumers avoiding animal ingredients. George Gill,…

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Reebok creates plant-based shoes

Reebok to introduce a line of sustainable plant-based shows later this year. Back in November, Adidas took to the Bio fabricate Conference in New York to introduce a Futurecraft silhouette constructed out of Biosteel – which is 100% naturally biodegradable. Now just a few months later, Reebok is getting in on the sustainable action, announcing…

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Animal Testing – Are Your Buying Habits Affected by Parent Companies?

animal testing parent companies

A fiercely debated topic within many vegan groups is whether or not consumers should invest in products from businesses with parent companies of questionable morals when it comes to their record on animal testing, or selling animal products. A parent company is a company that owns enough stock of another firm to control its operation…

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Ritter Sport Introduces Two New Vegan Bars

Ritter Sport have showcased their first vegan-certified chocolate bars recently at a trade fair. The products have been selling in Germany for a few months. According to VegNews, one is made with quinoa and the other with amaranth, with both containing Nicaraguan cocoa and hazelnut cream. The 100g bars are currently only available in Germany,…

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