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The vegan scene is blossoming in Johannesburg


The vegan scene is blossoming in Johannesburg

vegan in johannesburg

Vegan Travel in South Africa   Richard Kitzinger and Beverley Smith check out two of the vegan cafés leading the way in Johannesburg’s growing vegan sector   South Africans acknowledge that global trends can often take two or three years to reach them. The huge swell in numbers of vegans is just starting to take…

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No Meat Nomad in Lanzarote

By Emma Clarkson My first impression of Lanzarote, owing to the recent rains, was that this place is like a cross between Scotland and Mars. If you forget the fact that all of the 32 mountains are actually volcanoes (sleepy ones) then to me this place really feels like Scotland or possibly England’s Lake District.…

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Meet the Chef – Dustin Harder from The Vegan Roadie

Dustin Harder Vegan Roadie YouTube

Dustin Harder from YouTube’s ‘The Vegan Roadie’ talks to Vegan Life about food and his first vegan cookbook   Dustin Harder works in recipe development alongside celebrity chefs including Chloe Coscarelli where he helped to develop the menu for the fast casual vegan chain, By Chloe. As well as helping chefs and companies to create…

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The No Meat Nomad In Valencia

By Emma Clarkson I knew from the moment I arrived that vegan food in Valencia was going to be something special. I hopped off the bus and did the first thing I always do after a journey, which is to empty my tiny feeble bladder. On the inside of the toilet door some graffiti implored…

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The No Meat Nomad On Vegan Options In Madrid

By Emma Clarkson Hey plant lovers! I’m Emma and I’m going to be your guide to surviving (and enjoying it!) on a plant based diet around the globe. I left the UK almost a decade ago and have lived, worked and travelled around Central America, Asia, the Caribbean and, as of very recently, I’m back…

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Plant Based In South East Asia

When we tell fellow travellers that we are vegans, their first reaction is generally “wow, that’s cool”, usually followed by “I could never do it”. Sure, traveling on a plant-based diet is sometimes challenging, but it’s easier than people think — especially in places where you can cook for yourself, like in hostels or campsites.…

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Exclusive Taste Test: What Does The McVegan Taste Like?

Written exclusively for Vegan Life by Brent Morrissey. The McVegan is a superhot topic right now. Articles along with debates about the McVegan are popping up everywhere and not exclusively on all vegan websites but it also being covered by major news outlets like the BBC to NME and even Men´s Fitness magazine. So how…

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Top 10 Vegan Burgers In Helsinki

Written by Brent Morrissey “Where do I take my carnivorous friends to eat a vegan burger that will pleasantly surprise them?” It’s a common question many vegans & vegetarians face when trying to convince their meat eating friends that they can indeed enjoy a juicy & filling burger just like everyone else. So how does…

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Writer Dixe Willis on Writing, Veganism, and Travel


We spoke to writer Dixe Willis about the best way to travel, veganism, and his latest edition of ‘Tiny Campsites’   “No travel is completely eco-friendly. You’re going to damage things whatever you do, but I try to do as little damage as I possibly can. My preferred transport is train and bicycle – certainly…

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Tel Aviv — One Of The Best Vegan Destinations In The World

A vegan guide to Tel Aviv by Scott Renwick – COO of Sea N’ Rent Tel Aviv, Israel’s cosmopolitan second city set on the shores of the Mediterranean, is rich in cultural diversity that covers all aspects of life including race, sexuality, education and religion. The city is forward thinking in many ways, which has…

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Justine de Jonge: Why Travel Is A Lot Like Being Vegan

Justine de Jonge writes for Vegan Life about why she compares the journey to being vegan to the journey of travelling the world.   Living as a vegan in this world is a journey in itself. We are all travelling along a path, and that path doesn’t always lead us to one destination. Being in…

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Indian Summer in Brighton – Issue 19

Brighton is one of the most vegan–friendly cities in the UK, with plant–based eateries on what feels like every corner. Many of the restaurants – for example pizzeria Purezza and tapas place Rootcandi – are gaining plaudits for their delicious food and innovative approach to meat–free cooking. It is an exciting and vibrant city for any…

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