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Meet the Team: Hannah Allen


How many animals could you save by going vegan?

The Vegan Society have launched a new web app for World Vegan Month. A fun interactive project, the ‘Veganalyser’ shows users how many animals they could save if they went vegan, as well as showing vegans how many animals they have already saved. Over 30,000 people have engaged with it so far, many sharing their…

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8 reasons NOT to wear wool this winter

People have been campaigning against wearing fur for years, and we probably don’t need to explain why. But in recent years, there’s been a similar move away from wearing wool. It might seem like a harmless, natural material, without the consequences of the fur trade. But there are downsides to wearing wool – both from…

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Top Five Chic Vegan Restaurants in the UK

The Week have put together their pick of wholesome British restaurants offering delicious veggie food with not a nut roast in sight. Food For Friends, Brighton Established in 1981, Food for Friends has long been a well-known haunt for vegetarians and vegans alike. But despite its longevity, the menu remains fresh and lively with plenty…

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The Ultimate Guide To Travelling As A Vegan

I have been vegan for four years now and love the lifestyle choice with all the positivity that comes with it! However, I have experienced my fair share of vegan hurdles. Being a very keen traveller I have realised that travelling can expose some of these hurdles. Yet, there are simple ways you can overcome…

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Vegan Food Sales Up By 1,500% in Past Year

Vegan food sales are up by a whopping 1,500% in the past year, according to new figures released to coincide with World Vegan Day. More than half a million people in the UK now say they follow a vegan lifestyle, which is up by 260% in the last ten years, and a third of the…

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Five Things Would Happen if Everyone Stopped Eating Meat

We’ve come to the end of World Week for the Abolition of Meat, but people in the west still won’t make a simple change that could change the fortunes of the whole world. Today marks the end of World Week for the Abolition of Meat – an appropriate time to ask ourselves what would happen…

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