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Vegan Life Speaks to Monami Frost


Vegan Life Speaks to Monami Frost

monami frost streetwear interview preview

Monami Frost, founder of Frost Streetwear, is taking the world by storm with her unique outlook on modern life   ‘Look before you leap’ is a well-known proverb that cautions us against making rash decisions, especially when we don’t know the consequences of our actions. Most of us can think back to a time when…

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Sweet and Savoury Sweet Potato Waffles

sweet potato waffles savoury breakfast mother's day

 Treat your Mum to a delicious vegan breakfast this Mother’s Day with this recipe for sweet potato waffles. Top with whatever you like to make them sweet or savoury! Makes 6 large waffles You can add whichever savoury or sweet toppings you like. We added diced avocado, hot sauce, non-dairy yoghurt, black beans, fresh coriander…

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Crispy Mock Duck Pancakes

crispy mock duck pancakes hoisin sauce vbites

Satisfy your takeaway cravings with this recipe for crispy meat-free duck pancakes served with hoisin sauce. Serves 2-3   Ingredients 280g (13/4 cups) gluten mock duck, well rinsed 4 tbsp hoisin sauce (see below or use readymade) 6 spring onions, trimmed ½ cucumber 10 Chinese-style pancakes, frozen 2 tbsp plum sauce (optional)   To make…

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Advent Day 20 – Simple Bakes

Fill in your details below for your chance to win a Simple Bakes case from Wellaby’s worth over £10! UK entry only. Competition closes at midnight on the 20th of December 2017 (GMT) Click here to read the terms and conditions   Win a mixed case of Simple Bakes vegan snacks – a new range of…

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Mathew Pritchard Preview – “Hug Animals, Don’t Kill Them”

mathew pritchard dirty sanchez plant-based

Vegan Life speaks to Dirty Sanchez’s Mathew Pritchard about his physical challenges and switching to a plant-based diet Mathew Pritchard is probably best known from his days on TV show Dirty Sanchez where life was a haze of drinking, skateboarding and doing stunts for laughs. These days Mathew is more focused on his health, fitness…

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Healthy One-Pan Wrapizza

healthy one-pan wrapizza

Get your veggies in with this healthy one-pan wrapizza loaded with toppings from Healthy Living James   Ingredients For the base: 80g (1 cup) chickpea flour 1 tsp mixed herbs (optional) 1 tbsp flaxseed (optional) Pinch salt & pepper 115ml (1/2 cup) water Oil (1/2 cup), for frying Suggested topping ingredients: Houmous Broccoli florets Tomatoes,…

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Olivia’s Blog: You’re Allowed To Pick Your Battles

It is easy for outsiders to think that all vegans are the same. All vegans are preachy, all vegans are attention seekers, all vegans think they are morally superior… the list goes on. The truth is that all vegans are unique. Some people are able to vocalise their views with confidence and gravitas whilst others…

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Advent Day 7 – Sacla

Fill in your details below for your chance to win a Sacla’ hamper containing all vegan products and Sacla’ merchandise worth £40! UK entry only. Competition closes at midnight on the 7th of December 2017 (GMT) Click here to read the terms and conditions   A Sacla’ hamper with a selection of our favourite vegan…

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Advent Day 1 – Moo Free

Fill in your details below for your chance to win a hamper from Moo Free worth over £10 UK entry only. Competition closes at midnight on the 1st of December 2017 (GMT) Click here to read the terms and conditions  

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Meet the Chef – Stuff I Eat’s Chef Babette

Chef Babette

We sit down and have a talk with Chef Babette, the woman behind vegan restaurant ‘Stuff I Eat’ in Inglewood, California   Chef Babette is a world-class healthy chef, fitness expert and motivational speaker. She runs a successful restaurant, Stuff I Eat, in downtown Inglewood, California and has built a loyal fan base through her…

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Chef Babette’s Signature Recipe – Vegan Eggless Cups

eggless cups

Chef Babette from vegan restaurant ‘Stuff I Eat’ shares with us her signature recipe of Vegan Eggless Cups   Eggless mix 235ml (1 cup) dairy-free milk 1 tbsp arrowroot powder 2 tbsp garbanzo flour 1 heaping tbsp turmeric powder 1 tsp black sea salt 10g (1/4 cup) nutritional yeast 1 package silken tofu   Veggies…

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Fry’s Country Roast with Cranberry and Chili Jam

Present the perfect meat alternative to your Christmas dinner with this Fry’s Country Roast served with Cranberry and Chili Jam Serves 5-7     Ingredients 1 Fry’s Soy and Quinoa Country Roast   For the Cranberry and Chili Jam: 40ml (21/2 tbsp) olive or coconut oil 5ml mustard seeds 1 bay leaf 1 red onion,…

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