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Rose and Pistachio Meringue Kisses

Vegan Alternatives

Rose and Pistachio Meringue Kisses

rose pistachio meringue kisses

Give your loved one a delicious vegan treat this Valentine’s Day with these delicate rose and pistachio meringue kisses Makes 30-40 mini meringues     Ingredients 1x 400g tin chickpeas, drained (save the chickpeas for another recipe) 100g (1/2 cup) caster sugar 2 tsp rose water 1 tsp cream of tartar 1 tsp xantham gum…

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Smoked Tofu and Sweetcorn Crispy Pancakes

tofu sweetcorn crispy pancakes

Spice up your pancake day celebrations by creating these amazing smoked tofu and sweetcorn crispy pancakes. Makes 8     Ingredients For the pancakes:  225g plain flour 700ml non-dairy milk 120ml mild flavoured oil Sea salt, a pinch For the filling:  1 tbsp non-dairy butter 1 tbsp plain flour 400ml unsweetened soya milk 2 tsp…

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A Guide to Egg Replacements in Vegan Cooking and Baking


We give you a quick and easy guide on the egg replacements that you can use to make your cooking and baking vegan   Eggs are a pretty staple ingredient in a lot of non-vegan cooking and baking – in fact it’s hard to think of cake recipes from your pre-vegan days that don’t call…

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Cutting Out Dairy – Vegan Yoghurt

vegan yoghurt

We give you the recipes on how to make two types of vegan yoghurt at home. A helpful guide for people who are cutting out dairy.     Yoghurt is a standby for many – a handy snack or a useful ingredient in a number of recipes. Cutting dairy out of your diet doesn’t mean…

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Cutting Out Dairy – How to Make Vegan Cream

vegan cream

Cutting out dairy but looking for a replacement? We show you four ingredients that you can use to make your own vegan cream at home.   Whipped, double, or single cream is a versatile ingredient: the perfect accompaniment to strawberries and other desserts, as well as tasty addition to a huge range of savoury dishes.…

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Cutting Out Dairy – List of Vegan Alternatives for Butter

cutting out dairy

It’s a key ingredient in a lot of cooking. We show you some great vegan alternatives to butter that make cutting out dairy much easier   This issue we’re looking at butter – another one of those staple ingredients that’s so ubiquitous that, for some people, it can seem like transitioning to a vegan diet…

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