The Easy Vegan Guide to Protein

The Easy Vegan Guide to Protein 1

It’s time to return to the age-old ‘mystery’… At some point in your vegan journey, you’ve probably been asked that question: ‘Where do you get your protein?’ – it’s as annoying a query, as it is easy to provide a myriad of answers to. The answer is, from so much that we eat everyday as…

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The History of World Vegan Day

The History of World Vegan Day 2

With World Vegan Day on the horizon (Thursday November 1st) and an increasing number of people switching to veganism, it’s a good idea to throw back to the origins of the event, the term ‘veganism’, and The Vegan Society.   What is World Vegan Day? Around the globe, World Vegan Day is celebrated through seminars,…

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A Guide to Egg Replacements in Vegan Cooking and Baking


We give you a quick and easy guide on the egg replacements that you can use to make your cooking and baking vegan   Eggs are a pretty staple ingredient in a lot of non-vegan cooking and baking – in fact it’s hard to think of cake recipes from your pre-vegan days that don’t call…

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Raw Passion – Myra Panascìa and the Benefits of a Raw Food Diet

raw vegan myra Pascanìa

Myra Pascanìa from Hackney’s F.A.B. restaurant lets us in on her tips for making the transition to a raw food diet   The concept of a raw food diet can leave people feeling confused. Aficionados believe consuming a primarily raw food diet means we retain enormous amounts of live enzymes, vitamins, and minerals which in…

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Deni Kirkova – Vegan Beach Body Fitness Champion

Deni Kirkova

Beach Body Fitness Champion and Vegan Deni Kirkova talks to us about winning a fitness competition on a plant-based diet and her future plans.   Entering a bikini fitness competition and winning is not something that many women would ever believe they could achieve or have the guts to do. Not only was 26-year-old Deni…

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Lolo Houben – How to Grow a Veg Feast in the Tiniest of Spaces

vegetable patch vegetables lolo houben one magic square

Make the most of your vegetable patch, even if it’s small. Lolo Houben, author of ‘One Magic Square’ insists that all you need is one square metre to grow a vast range of vegetables   If you’ve ever wanted to grow your own food, but thought you needed acres of space, turns out you were…

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Cutting Out Dairy – List of Vegan Alternatives for Butter

cutting out dairy

It’s a key ingredient in a lot of cooking. We show you some great vegan alternatives to butter that make cutting out dairy much easier   This issue we’re looking at butter – another one of those staple ingredients that’s so ubiquitous that, for some people, it can seem like transitioning to a vegan diet…

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Chantal and David – How Veganism Changed Our Lives

chantal denny, david harrow

Husband and wife Chantal Denny and David Harrow talk to Vegan Life about how their lives were transformed when they discovered veganism, prompting then to launch the Vegan Lifestyle Association   After a series of health scares, rescuing a flock of ex-battery hens and the passing of a special friend, husband and wife Chantal Denny…

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Ellen Percival Tells You How to Grow Vegan Organically

grow vegan

What is vegan organic growing and why does it matter? Ellen Percival gives us an introduction and tells us how to do it   What is vegan organic growing? As a reader of Vegan Life you’ll more than likely be familiar with what vegan means, but what you might be less aware of is that…

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Lorraine Carey – “I am Stronger, Fitter and Leaner Than Ever”

Lorraine Carey

Vegan Life spoke to personal trainer and fundraiser Lorraine Carey about completing challenges for charity and the benefits of a vegan lifestyle   Lorraine Carey is a vegan and personal trainer who’s raised incredible amounts of money for charities by completing a series of runs, walks, skydives, and various other challenges. She is the proud…

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Vegan Life Meets Author and Chef Beverly Lynn Bennet

Vegan Life Meets Author and Chef Beverly Lynn Bennet 4

Vegan Life talks to Beverly Lynn Bennet, a vegan author, chef, and columnist from Oregon, about her decision to go vegan and advice for people considering adopting the diet   Beverly lives with her vegan husband Ray, and their cat Luna in veg-friendly Eugene, Oregon. She hosts the Vegan Chef website, and is a regular…

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