Celebrate the holidays at Chiquito with Oumph!

Celebrate the holidays at Chiquito with Oumph!


Established in 1989, Chiquito’s is the UK’s biggest Mexican restaurant chain.


Oumph! are an award-winning meat substitute brand and since July of this year, they have been featured on the eatery’s vegan menu.


Now, thanks to the success of these dishes, Chiquito has added a brand new Oumph! option to their festive offerings.


‘A step in the right direction’ 


Account manager at Oumph!, Charlotte Reynolds, commented: “This is amazing news for us. It’s a step further in the right direction for consumers to easily find tasty plant-based options on the menu.”

“The addition of Oumph! on Chiquito’s Christmas menu is sure to be a popular choice for vegans, vegetarians, flexitarians and committed carnivores on a day off.”

In addition to this, two dishes that are already on Chiquito’s vegan menu, the Vegarrito and Vegan Fiesta Fajita – both of which contain Oumph! –  have now made it on to Chiquito’s main menu. A move that will hopefully encourage more people to try some plant-based meal options.


Managing director for Chiquito’s and Small Brands, Angelo Gabrilatsou, commented: “Given the success of Oumph! on our vegan menu, we are proud to offer a new take on our Vegan Fiesta Fajita on our Christmas Menu – our first Christmas menu containing vegan options! This is another step in the right direction of offering greater consumer choice.”





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