Cheese Easter Egg Released by ASDA

A cheese Easter Egg made with dairy is being released by ASDA next month.

The ‘cheester’ egg, as it known, is made from Blacksticks blue cheese and comes with a sachet of sweet caramelised onion chutney and mini oatcake crackers. The product is aimed at those who want to get involved in Easter celebrations, but don’t want to eat dairy chocolate.

In Simon Amstell’s film ‘Carnage’ which is set in a future where everyone is vegan, Easter eggs are described as: “A chilling artefact of a culture that once stole a cow’s milk and moulded in into the shape of a chicken’s egg.” Let’s hope for that future. One where no animals need to be exploited for unnecessary novelty products.

What do you think about the cheese Easter egg? Maybe next year there will be a vegan cheese Easter egg. Let us know your thoughts on the ‘cheester’ egg below.


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