Chris Packham Goes Vegan

TV presenter, naturalist, nature photographer and author, Chris Packham, has announced that he is well on his way to becoming vegan.

In a recent article he wrote for Big Issue Magazine, Chris admitted that although he is not fully vegan yet, his fridge contains a variety of plant-based milks – cows’ milk is most definitely off the menu – and he has been meat-free for a number of years.

It was Michaela Strachan, his co-host on The Really Wild Show, who encouraged him to go veggie, and he hasn’t eaten meat since. Chris comments, “I have not eaten meat, with no regrets whatsoever, since the 1980s.”

Chris Packham’s working career has been dedicated to animals, documenting their daily lives and habits on shows such as Springwatch, Autumnwatch and Winterwatch. He has been particularly committed to working on wildlife conservation campaigns and various animal charities, receiving multiple awards, honours and accreditations in the process, so it is no wonder that he is now taking steps to make his life as cruelty free as he can, “I continue to have concerns about animal welfare and transportation,” explains Chris. “I don’t see any difference between the way I should treat my dog (Scratchy) – who I love and whose wellbeing I’m preoccupied with – and a pig, who is just as intelligent and important as Scratchy, but is kept in a concrete pen where it can’t turn around. The progress we have made on animal welfare standards is nowhere near good enough for me. I am joining Compassion In World Farming as a patron very soon, because it is really important.”

Back in April, Chris wrote another article for Big Issue Magazine, applauding Sir David Attenborough for his programme Blue Planet II, which shone a bright light on the plastic epidemic our planet is suffering from. Packham sung Attenborough’s praises saying that, “Following his missive on Blue Planet II, plastics are now on everyone’s agenda – mine, yours, even perhaps our government’s (yeah, let’s see if words actually become actions).”

It is clear to see Chris’ passion is not just for the wildlife he is so fascinated by, but equally the impact our dietary habits are having on farmed animals and the environment. It is fantastic to see such an inspiring and influential figure (that most of us grew up watching on TV) actually take a stand and defend ALL animals – not just the pretty ones, or the ones we consider pets.


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