Circus replaces animals with holograms and the results are stunning

The German circus Roncalli has become the first in the world to use holographic animals in its performances


The move away from live animals came after an idea that founder, Bernhard Paul, had after watching the NFL Super Bowl half-time show in 2018.


In the half-time performance, Justin Timberlake sung alongside a hologram of music superstar Prince, who had died two years previously.





Paul decided that he had to incorporate the technique within his circus, and concluded that it would be a perfect way to help him completely eradicate the use of animals in his shows.


The circus now features 3D holograms from 11 projectors to show fish, elephants and horses gallivanting around the ring.


It took a team of 15 designers and software engineers to create the stunning images, that are now such a large part of the circus.


Circus Animals


Circus Roncalli, which became established in 1976, stopped using exotic animals in the mid-nineties, however, up until 2018 they continued to use horses.


(Source: Circus Roncalli)


Markus Strobl, media director of Circus Roncalli has spoken out about the decision to ditch live animals. He told RP online: “We decided against [using] animals for the benefit of the animals.”


“The focus of the Circus Roncalli has always been on poetic and acrobatic numbers anyway.”


(Source: Circus Roncalli)


The media have raved about the new holograms – reported that: “The new performances are totally animal-free, but they’re still plenty entertaining.”


“The images being projected appear to be three dimensional, but are actually hitting a flat surface surrounding the centre ring, though you’d never know it from your spot in the audience.”


In more exciting news, last month, the UK government finally passed a new law that will ban circuses in the country from using wild animals in their performances.