Clapham Common: PETA replaces every advert at Tube station with vegan posters

An animal rights group has replaces all the adverts in a London Tube station with posters encouraging people to go vegan.

Clapham Common station has been plastered with PETA messages on every billboard, door and turnstile, leaving commuters divided on whether it is inspiring or ‘vegan propaganda’.

The campaign includes 60 adverts showing pigs, cows and chickens with the slogan: “I’m ME, Not Meat”.

“See the Individual – Go Vegan.”

“PETA is encouraging people everywhere to show compassion to animals by skipping meat-based and choosing humane and healthy fare instead”.

One Twitter user quoted: “Loving the PETA Vegan posters at Clapham Common Tube station, tricky to justify the carnivore lifestyle #animallovers?”



Joe Foster on Twitter also posted: “What is Clapham Comon tube trying to tell me?? @TfL @peta”



The campaign comes as hundreds of Londoners prepare to take part in “Veganuary”, a campaign to get people to try cutting out dairy and meat products from their diets in the first month of 2017.

It is not the first ad takeover to hit Clapham Common Tube.


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