Costa Reveal Their Trader-Approved Vegan Toastie

Costa Reveal Their Trader-Approved Vegan Toastie


A Vegan Smoky Ham and Cheeze Toastie has been unveiled as the latest addition to Costa Coffee’s January range.


The new toastie is part of the coffee chains extensive January offerings, which includes 25 vegan menu items.


Costa invited London’s leading independent tradespeople (and toastie connoisseurs), to trial the new menu item, which unbeknown to them, was entirely meat-free.


However, Pimlico failed to taste the difference, as the entire group of sarnie-savvy plumbers, builders and engineers devoured what they thought to be Costa Coffee’s iconic ham and cheese toasties.


Pimlico’s traders reveal that they loved the taste of the vegan toastie, while another tradeswoman jests, ‘maybe we should all go vegan’, proving that the sought-after reaction wasn’t just a ‘pipe’ dream.


Commercial marketing director at Costa Coffee, Eric Tavoukdjian, commented: “We know the importance of providing choice for our customers, and we’re really pleased to be able to offer a vegan alternative of one of our iconic, best-selling toasties.”

“Knowing that the Pimlico team are big toastie fans, we couldn’t resist the chance to test whether they could tell the difference. We are delighted to receive an undisputed tradie seal of approval from Pimlico for our latest offering.”


PR & Marketing Director at Pimlico, Louise Cannon, also commented: “Our tradesmen and women were excited to try Costa Coffee’s new toastie before it landed in store given how many Costa Coffee toasties they consume a day – and of course it was hilarious to see their surprising reactions as it was revealed that the toastie was secretly vegan.”

“It’s safe to say there were no complaints on their meat-free toastie experience!”

The delicious, meat-free, Quorn Smoky Ham and tasty coconut-based CheeZe offering is sandwiched between two slices of freshly toasted golden vegan bread and will be available in stores nationwide from £2.95 from Thursday 2 January.


The full menu can be viewed online at the Costa Coffee Website.



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