Crafty cow hides out in the woods after escaping slaughter

Cow who wants to live escapes slaughter and hides in woods

After running away, Finn the cow hid out in the forest for weeks before rescue


US based non-profit, Farm Sanctuary, recently shared the incredible video below detailing the story of Finn the cow who escaped the slaughterhouse, likely one of their most famous animal rescues.



The adventures of Finn began back in late 2018, after the four-five month-old calf escaped following being sold at auction to be slaughtered.


Somehow, the creature managed to outwit the authorities and those trying to locate him for weeks.


Although he didn’t go unnoticed for much longer – locals started to notice him and security cameras picked up footage of him making his way in the wild, surviving in the woods and roaming through people’s back gardens.


‘Moo Britain’


In the town of New Britain in Connecticut where he lived, the news of the ‘cow in the woods’ who escaped slaughter led to the town being affectionately called ‘Moo Britain’.


Finn remained in his forest hide-out until animal advocate, Jennifer Wynn heard about him, and knew who to call for help.


Farm Sanctuary were brought in, and set about creating an elaborate plan to get Finn back to safety – as can be seen in their video.


‘Strong Desire To Live’


Finn, who was named after literary character Huckleberry Finn, due to his ‘appetite for adventure and strong desire to live’, now lives in safety with a herd at the Sanctuary. He no longer has to fear slaughter or harm from humans.


The adventurous cow inspired many around him, including the woman who first saw him in her backyard in New Britain – upon realising Finn’s desire to live, she made the ethical connection, and has since transitioned to a meat-free diet.


Go Vegan


Farm Animal Sanctuary and animal rights organisations the world round are hoping that the story of Finn will help more people to realise that animals are sentient creatures who want to live, and that they deserve the right to life.


By going vegan, we help to reduce the number of cows and other animals sent to slaughter, and break the system that exploits them.





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