Cruelty-free brand Lush launches reusable, zero-waste lipstick case

Favoured cruelty-free brand, Lush, has announced the launch of its new zero-waste lipstick case.

The product is inspired by 1950’s make up, and the case is made from aluminium and brass, 40 per cent of which is made from recycled materials. The product is designed for the brand’s Naked Lipstick refills, and is plastic-free.

How to use the case: To use the case, simply peel the black wax tab at the bottom of a naked lipstick refill. Push the slider on the side to the top and firmly push the lipstick into the case, holding it by the coloured wax portion. Then remove the rest of the peel-able wax and push the slider back down.

Kayley Thomas, head of Lush makeup, said: “The refillable lipstick case aims to pay homage to the old classic make up packaging, and make Audrey [Hepburn] proud.”

Lush designed the case to help tackle the waste as a result of the cosmetics industry. Up to 900 million lipsticks are bought around the world every year, with most of them containing plastic. The different materials used to make lipstick cases means that they aren’t recyclable, and add to the ever-growing problem of plastic.

Lee Carpenter, from Lush creative packaging’s department, said: “We were tasked with finding a supplier that still makes the vintage style lipstick cases, made with metal and no plastic components.

“We found Reboul at the Luxe Pack Paris, Trade exhibition. Reboul are one of only two companies in the world who still have the technology and experience to make them at the scale that we needed.”

Speaking about their partnership with Lush on this new product, a spokesperson from Reboul commented: “We are proud of the work we’ve done together, the Lush product and story around it. A plastic-free, vintage-style lipstick case, in memory of the work our grandparents who produced the iconic metal lipsticks in the fifties. We’ve discovered a team and a company with enthusiasm and with human core values that we share at Reboul.”


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