Danone's Predicted Plant Based Plans

It seems like the demand for plant based products is increasing as supermarkets are continuing to supply the demand, and the big food corporations are getting with the vegan times.

This time, the French company Danone are developing their products to match this demand and have mentioned that they may add a dairy-free range to their existing yoghurt brands Activia and Actimel.

Danone are no strangers to dairy-free, as they are the parent company of the leading plant-based brand Alpro, and US-based company So Delicious Dairy-Free, so it only seems natural that their reaction to the decline in sales of their dairy products should prompt them to add more dairy-free products to the shelves they currently stock.

Back in 2017, Danone actually backed a campaign that set out to prove that you don’t need dairy to produce delicious ice cream and called it #NothingCompares, in an effort to combat the dairy industry’s ‘Undeniably Dairy’ campaign, that was set to try and prove that dairy tastes better.

There has been no official announcement as to when Danone will release any plant-based yoghurts, but it seems that given their track record, and given their current investment in the milk-free market, any dairy-free food items set to hit our shelves in the future will be a certain hit within the vegan community.


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