Delaware Passes Bill to Ensure Retired Lab Animals are Rehomed

Delaware has passed a bill to ensure that retired lab animals are rehomed, as opposed to being automatically euthanized when they are no longer used in labs. The Senate Bill 101 requires healthy cats and dogs to be put up for rehoming, and Delaware is the eighth state to bring in this policy. Other states that practice this are California, New York, Connecticut, Minnesota, Illinois, Nevada and Maryland.

Campaigning for the bill was fronted by Rescue + Freedom Project, who were previously known as Beagle Freedom Project, who are “dedicated to rescuing survivors of unique captivity and cruelty”. They are sponsored by Senator Jack Walsh.

In a statement, Walsh said: “I’m honestly amazed that this was even a debate. We have healthy animals that research labs don’t want. We have local shelters that are willing to care for them. We have families that might want to adopt them. It defies reason that anyone would choose to euthanize instead of giving them a second lease of life. If just one of these animals becomes a pet, all of the work that went into this bill will be worth it.”

Gail Thomssen, philanthropy director at Rescue + Freedom Project, said: “This policy addresses a real deficiency of law and we are so proud to be able to secure homes for animals that have endured so much suffering. No longer will these dogs and cats be killed once research is over.”

Despite these dogs and cats having negative experiences with humans, they are given a second chance at life with the help of organisations such as Rescue + Freedom Project.


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