Diets Free From Meat Help Reduce Risk of Cancer by 40%, According to New Study

Diets free from meat, particularly red meat, processed meat and dairy can reduce the risk of some forms of cancer, according to a new study published by the World Cancer Research Fund. The non-profit cancer prevention research organisation released the information in the report titled Diet, Nutrition, Physical Activity, and Cancer: a Global Perspective.

The report is updated once every ten years, and it is compiled by experts in cancer research. The report is the largest, most authoritative and up to date scientific resource on cancer prevention and survivorship through nutrition, diet and physical activity.

The most recent report looks at the data of over 51 million people, with findings segmented by types of cancer, different exposures, cancer prevention and recommendations. In a specific chapter of the paper, they look at meat, fish and dairy products and the risk of cancer.

“For red meat, processed meat and Cantonese-style salted fish the evidence shows that, in general, the more people consume, the higher the risk of some cancers. In contrast, the evidence shows that, in general, the more dairy products people consume, the lower the risk of colorectal cancer.”

The report continues to talk about red meat and the formation of heterocyclic amines and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, which have been linked to colorectal cancer. Cooking methods promote the formulation of these, which are used for red meat and with processed meat. The study says: “Meat and fish are also often cooked using very high temperatures during frying, grilling (broiling) or barbecuing (charbroiling). These methods of processing and preparation may affect the chemical composition as well as the nutritional value of animal foods.”

You can read the chapter here.


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